Eastern Caribbean Central Bank To Take Some Coins Out Of Circulation


“Effective 1 July 2015, the I cent and 2 cent EC coins will be withdrawn from circulation.”  This was the first line of a statement issued by Deputy Governor of the Easter Caribbean Central Bank Mr. Trevor O.B Braithwaite.

According to the statement the decision was taken by the Monetary Council of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) in light of the high production cost of these coins compared to their intrinsic value, coupled with the large volumes required to maintain an adequate supply in circulation.

Braithwaite stated that as a result of the factors outlined starting I July 2015 these denominations will no longer be issued to businesses or financial institutions.

Deputy Governor of the ECCB Trevor Braithwaite

Deputy Governor of the ECCB Trevor Braithwaite

The coins will no longer be valid either as  consumers will not be able to conduct transactions using these coins. Persons can present the coins at any of the commercial banks which operate within the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) to receive face value.

A price rounding system will be implemented within the ECCU countries for the settlement of cash transactions only, whereby the total payment, inclusive of duties, fees and taxes, will berounded symmetrically to the nearest five cents. Non-cash payments using cheques, debit andcredit cards will not be impacted and therefore will not be rounded.

A Video Conference is scheduled scheduled to be held on Wednesday April  15th at 2pm to provide  stakeholder institiuions with critical information relating to the withdrawal

of the coins from circulation and to give an opportunity to have concerns aired and addressed. The video conference will bring together representation from the Ministries of Finance and the Chambers olCommerce within the ECCU.

5 Comments on Eastern Caribbean Central Bank To Take Some Coins Out Of Circulation

  1. What about concerns from the General Public? Has this been publicised in local newspapers and television stations?

  2. What about concerns from the general public? Is this being publicised on local radio and tv or in the local newspapers?

  3. Very good idea.

  4. Very bad idea! Are Supermarket items going to be rounded off to .05 cents as well? Yet if I pay my credit card, it’s ok to pay with the odd numbers. What are you saying to persons who do not have a credit or debit card? Or can’t afford such luxury? The elderly, school children and very much underprivileged persons.

    All this adds up and it’s no different than stealing .01 cent from all account holders at a bank. It benefits only one set of people. I teach my son about savings when I bring home these coins for him, at the end of the year he saves about $100.00 in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10 cents pieces. Who is going to get half of that now? Not a very good idea, and obviously not tested with the public.

  5. excellent work ECCU, I am very proud of the work being done by our Central Bank.

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