Dr. Denzil Douglas Led Administration Invested Almost $1 Million of SIDF Funds in Regenerative Medicine Project Since 2013



The Dr. Denzil Douglas Led St.Kitts-Nevis Labour /NRP Coalition Administration in 2013 and unknowing to the Nation secured investment of a sum of $800,000 from the SIDF in a Private Regnerative Medicine Project . This revelation was made by Minister of State in the Ministry of Health Hon. Senator Wendy Phipps during a broadcast to the nation on Thursday evening .

Senator Phipps stated that in March of 2013 the Dr Douglas led administration approved the Regenerative Medicine Project.

Hon. Phipps said “One of the two Regenerative Medicine projects approved by this Government was originally approved by the former Douglas-led Labour Administration on March 5, 2013, via letter signed by then Cabinet Secretary, Mr Joseph Edmeade.

Miss Phipps also stated that a sume of over $800,000 was secured from the SIDF as an investment in the Private Project.

“Indeed, the previous Government also secured an investment from the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) in the sum of over $800,000 for this private venture,” Phipps stated.

No mention  of this SIDF investment was ever made then or in recent media pronouncements by the Dr. Denzil Douglas led administration and current Opposition Party during their recent media blitz regarding the pre-retirement leave of CMO Dr. Patrick Martin and the allegations made by Martin suggesting that his pre-retirement leave was hastened as a result of concerns raised by him regarding an alleged Stem Cell  Project at the Main JNF Hospital.

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