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Former Prime Minister of St.Kitts-Nevis Dr Denzil Douglas



Dr. Charles Warner

By: Dr. Charles Warner,


There was a big brouhaha about a breaking story on Kyss Fm last Sunday.  On listening to the presentation only one conclusion can be made.  Nothing but politics.  It is accepted that all parties have the right to seek political advantage.  Such is our electoral system, our democracy.  The public too has a right to carefully examine what any political party puts before it.


The facts are emerging and it is clear that the person involved got the passport in 2012/2013.  In other words, he became a “Brother” according to Dr. Douglas in that time.  It was Dr. Douglas who told us that these people are “our brothers and sisters”.  And that was always the issue; what kind of sibblings Denzil Douglas was giving us.  Frankly, this will not be the last of these type of cases.  It’s all the legacy of Dr. Douglas.  Many governments warned that nefarious, unsavoury characters were getting their hands on our passports.  The Douglas government went as far as to insult us by removing “Place of Birth” from our passports.


The Labour agents/politicians, one in the process of deliberately fooling the public – Mr. Konris Maynard  – is clearly using the wrist.  He is misleading the public by equating the revocation of a passport with the extradition of a person.  They are not the same but two far different processes.  It would be improper to revoke the passport before the person fits the legal requirement for extradition.  Sending back a person to the USA or England is a far different cry from sending a person to China etc.


In the case of local people we have all seen how long it takes.  NB. This Chinese person holds a St. Kitts and Nevis passport and is thus a citizen.  Unless the person surrenders his rights an extradition takes a very long time.


It is known that St. Kitts and Nevis has no diplomatic relations with Mainland China, no extradition treaty.  Interpol will not come here unless the Chinese government requests their input.  Right here in our neighourhood Dutch St. Maarten will not send back a person over whose head lies the death penalty.  It is not that Dutch St. Maarten protects murderers, it is the law.


The Labour agents are being simplistic and very malicious.   If the Chinese Secret Service comes here to investigate a private person they will or may inform the government.  If the government is involved the Chinese Secret Service will not inform the government.  They will not announce their presence.  Everybody knows that the USA was investigating the actions of the Douglas government re the CBI.  They did it without telling the Douglas government.  They sent their agents to buy the passports.


The extradition process is not a simple one.  The case of the great train robbery and Ronald Biggs is well known.  Biggs ran to Brazil but could not be extradited because Brazil has no treaty with anyone.  British agents took Biggs from a beach in Brazil and took Biggs to Barbados.  A big legal battle ensued and Biggs was sent back to Brazil where he eventually died.  The British agents were seen to have kidnapped Biggs.  No doubt he had committed a crime in the UK.


Based on the story the China government is alleging that this person stole money.  In our system a person is innocent until proven guilty.  It is not exactly that way in China.


Fact is China has a very dismal record as it relates to human and political rights.  Numerous cases are known of china, North Korea cooking charges against political objectors.  Tianamen Square is not to be forgotten.


True diligence was not the modus operandi of the Douglas government and as far as the prime minister said, Dr. Douglas knew of this man long ago.  Why was his passport not revoked then?  The Douglas government was mingling with all kinds of scoundrels. 


The Chinese government is talking about the interception of a phone conversation.  Who can really believe China?  How is this person living in St. Kitts and Nevis without money so he has to call his parents?  Konris needs to know that the Chinese government does not have global jurisdiction to freeze a person’s money anywhere on the planet.  If so, Chinese dissidents the world over would have been dying of hunger and cold.


China can freeze the person or his parents funds which are in China.  If the person is so dependent on money from home then that channel should have been choked a long time ago, applying pressure on him.  Then how would he survive in St. Kitts and Nevis?


As to local officials getting his money, if he got the passport under Douglasism and no one got money under the table, Christ did not die.  Up to this day Douglasism has not denied that Moghadam paid one million for a diplomatic passport.  Up to this day the records cannot show the million dollars going into the Treasury.  Clearly, it went into somebody or somebodies pockets.


The Labour agents, Konris et al are saying that if actions are taken against this Chinese man he may speak and that some people are afraid.  The member from #3 knows that the Chinese men got the passport in 2013.  He might be coming from the back of the hand.  He may well really wish to know who in his Labour party got the man’s money.  Do not forget Konris salivates over leadership.


Then we all will know who should resign.  So far the present prime minister has said more on this issue than Dr. Douglas said as it relates to Lex Consulting LLC.  Dr. Douglas was not asked to resign even on throwing his son under the bus.


What we are seeing is the corrupt legacy of Douglasism.  While they tell the people that the Unity government is on a media blitz they are doing the very same.  Douglasism is at the moment trying to shift the onus off its legacy of corruption.  The public is not to be fooled.  It all began under Douglasism!














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