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An Officer of the Royal St. Christopher-Nevis Police Force has been arrested. Reports indicate that the Officer Lennox Hodge has been arrested for Driving without A Valid Driver’s License. The country was shocked to learn that an officer of the law too wit a trained police officer could be driving without a license for nigh 9 months. Hodge, who is stationed on Nevis, had been driving without a Valid Drivers License, since January 2018. Hodge is well known as the Driver of Leader of the Oppositon Dr. Denzil Douglas. Hodge has driven Dr. Douglas to several national functions over the last 9 Months seemingly without a valid drivers license. As has been customary Hodge drove Opposition Leader Dr. Denzil Douglas at a number of recent Independence 35 Celebrations events including yesterday’s spectacular Ceremonial Parade. Hodge drove Dr. Douglas to the Parade as well as in the procession to Camp Springfield. Hodge along with Opposition Leader Dr. Douglas showed reckless disregard for well-established when they inserted themselves inappropriately in the convoy procession of vehicles. Many persons were shocked to observe his vehicle parked in an area ordinarily and customarily reserved only for a specified long traditioned list of dignitaries and essential support teams to the parade activity as well as officials providing support and direction to the parade participants and security officers

Nationals and fellow officers have expressed outrage at the seemed lawlessness of the Officer as well as the Opposition Leader Dr. Douglas who has engaged Hodge as his Driver for the past few years.

The Public has commended the police force on their commitment to self-regulation with its swift we hope that this is a wake-up call for all persons within the Security Forces who maybe breaking the law to cease and desist immediately or face the full consequence of the law

“As an Officer there is absolutely no excuse for him to be driving without a license much less driving in National events such as Independence Parade Celebrations and State or Military funerals such as the recent funeral of Sgt Leon Powell where Hodge allegedly drove Dr. Douglas,” said a concerned citizen


 “There can be little argument to justifiably oppose the widely felt sentiment that The Leader of the Opposition has to be held accountable and must share in the responsibility of this fiasco. How can he have a driver who does not hold a valid drivers license? Dr Douglas ought to have known this. A simple due diligence exercise would’ve required the Officer to submit evidence of a valid license before allowing Hodge to drive him. That would’ve been the responsible thing to do. It begs the question as to the state of the mind of the Opposition Leader that for 9 months he could be so closely associated with an Officer who was so brazenly breaking the law.  What if Hodge damage someone’s vehicle or worse yet injured or killed someone. What are the implications for insurance? What are the implications for people’s perception of politicians whose behavior and conduct seem to suggest a blatant disregard for Law and Order or at the very least a selective and inconsistent approach to law and order. To be clear politicians must by example demonstrate by their deeds and actions that no one, be there friend, family or driver, is above the law. And the action of Officer Hodge must be condemned by all law-abiding citizens,” One Social Media Blogger lamented  

“[] As a lawmaker Dr. Douglas should not be engaging in or entertaining law breakers or law breaking.  Dr. Douglas and Hodge brazen disregard for the law is often displayed at the regular sittings of parliament when Dr. Douglas and Hodge park or position his vehicle on the sidewalk outside the Government Headquarters. This has been done repeatedly and Dr. Douglas and Hodge have been allowed to get away with it seems,” said another irate citizen.

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