Captain Sunshine Kenville J. Richardson, Empowers Verchids High School Scholars

In a heartwarming display of community support, Mr. Kenville J. Richardson, the proprietor of Captain Sunshine Tours and Services, has extended sponsorship to 14 commendable students, with 11 hailing from Verchids High School. These students were lauded for their outstanding conduct and invaluable contributions to the Kingdom of God, earning them Certificates of Excellence.Each recipient was awarded a generous sum of $200, providing essential assistance for their educational pursuits. Among the beneficiaries are Tevez Thomas, Cohandre Liburd, Laquan Mason, Ked Jani Isaac, Destiny Powell, Keranique Williams, and Daizana Samuel, all of whom embody dedication and excellence.Mr. Richardson’s benevolent gesture not only recognizes their efforts but also underscores the vital role education plays in shaping a promising future. This act of kindness serves as a powerful reminder of the positive impact community support can have on the lives of aspiring scholars. It is a testament to Mr. Richardson’s commitment to nurturing and uplifting the youth within his community.

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