Byron Messia promises extended version of Pills ND Pain

(BASSETERRE; St. Kitts): BYRON Messia has come into high praise for his recent album ‘Pills ND Pain’ which was released on September 10 and is available on all downloadable platforms.

However, that was just the first part as the artist promises to release an extended version that will feature additional songs. 

The recording artist whose real name is Dylan Byron described the year 2020 as a rough year for him as an artist because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. There were no shows or concerts held, which affected the entertainment industry greatly and affected the livelihood of many who depends on it.

It is pretty much the same in 2021, nevertheless, Byron continues to put in work.

He released ‘Different Perspective’ on February 17, 2020, which featured his hit, ‘Toxic’ and earlier this year, (2021) he released a music video titled ‘Who’ featuring various artists from St. Kitts taking turns ‘spitting’ lyrics on the track.

A few months ago, he released ‘Outside’, which spoke about the lockdowns and curfews the country was experiencing at that time due to the pandemic.

‘Different Perspective’ was described by Byron as his greatest body of work to date where he said each song perfectly described a past situation he had experienced.

In reference to Pills ND Pain, Byron said it was ten times better and that the new album captures the essence of the atmosphere and the emotions of the people currently. The album also features a number of talented and creative producers which ultimately enhances the album.

The producers include Stainless Records, Steady Production and Prime Beats from St. Kitts and Nevis while he also worked with Chady Beats, Trini Baby & Zayah Dan out of Trinidad.

The engineers for the album were also Stainless Records and MVP Records from St. Kitts along with Chady Beats & Trini Baby from Trinidad.

His lyrical prowess is clever and relevant, mixed with modern-day slang, a style some have compared to another local artist ‘Hilight’.

“I would say we are both lyrical and collective when it comes to putting words together. I have never placed myself in a higher state than another artist, however, he was definitely one of the artists that inspired me,” he said.

Some of the artists he listens to in his downtime are mostly rap and soul artists.

“Some of my favorite picks would be J.I No Cap, NBA Young Boy, The Notorious B.I.G, Vory and RMR,” he said.

The best advice he has received to date was from Trinidadian Dancehall artist, Prince Swanny who told him, “Don’t ever stop because the people that want to be like you are the ones that talk about you the most.”

Byron hopes to one day produce an album with major collaborations of well-known local and regional acts.

He describes himself as an artist who simply expresses his pain and the world’s story through Art.

In terms of his music which usually features lyrics about heartbreak, Byron said that unfortunately, many times women experience more heartbreak than men.

“I sing based on emotions and I always try to make my catalogue relatable for the ladies because once you have a fan base of ladies, once you have the support of women you are definitely on the right track,” he said.

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