BVI: Greedy Getting In The Way Of The Needy

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BVI Platinum News | April 23, 2020

Talk show host and Government Consultant Claude Skelton-Cline has lambasted persons he said are conning the authorities by making multiple food orders from the same home.

He said the $2 million that has been allotted to the Government food programme to feed those in need is not for one week. Residents have been under 24-hour lockdown for the past few weeks as the government attempts to keep the numbers of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) to a minimum.

“There is more than enough food in the world’s supply to go around for everybody. But, there are hungry people in the world, and there are hungry persons in the Virgin Islands because few people own and have the advantage of too much of what’s available,” he said during his radio programme Honestly Speaking on Wednesday, April 22.

He added, “We know that government has appropriated some $2 million, we know that the $2 million is not just for one week, you are going to need food next week and in some weeks to come. And so what we do recognize for the most part everybody is doing well, but some of you the greedy is getting in the way of the needy.”

Just Ask For More

The Government Consultant said if persons require more food than what was delivered to them, they should “let us know that and I am sure that the government and the personnel responsible for it will be accommodating.”Advertisement

He also said the names, numbers, addresses of these persons would be placed on a ‘red paper alert’ because “You cannot get in the way of the needy and this is the problem with the greedy.”

Meanwhile, Skelton-Cline also mentioned that the government would be taking notes of these individuals.

“We want to put some of you on guard when we are having to go to some of these homes more than once in the same day, and because there are two or three of you in the same home, you are calling in orders but for the same household,” he remarked.

“The drivers are going to come, and they are going to deliver the packages, and they are not going to say anything to you, but we know, and we are tracking. So those of you who have done it, you have done it, so we got you, but those of you who are thinking about doing it we want to put you on guard and to stop it.”

Just recently, Premier Andrew Fahie said persons were using various disguise methods such as wigs to deceive the Family Support Network (FSN) who had been given food by the government to distribute to those in need.

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