Rising Concern: Marijuana-Induced Psychosis and Schizophrenia Top Mental Health Issues in St. Kitts and Nevis*


Basseterre ,St.Kitts (April 8th, 2024) :- Psychosis and schizophrenia are emerging as prevalent mental health concerns in St. Kitts and Nevis, with patients increasingly seeking treatment at psychiatric facilities across the islands. According to recent data spanning from 2017 to 2019, these conditions top the list of admitting diagnoses, shedding light on the urgent need for enhanced mental health services and support in the region.

At the psychiatric wing of the JNF General Hospital, a total of 134 patients were admitted up to October 31, 2019. The majority of these cases were attributed to psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, alcohol-related issues, and schizoaffective disorder. Notably, approximately 66% of the psychiatric patients were males.

Meanwhile, the Mental Health Day Treatment Centre (MHDTC), operational since September 2017, has provided essential mental health services to 46 patients up during period up to December 2019. Offering a range of therapeutic interventions, including occupational therapy, counseling, medication management, and hygiene support, the facility serves as a vital resource for individuals grappling with mental health challenges.

Analysis of MHDTC data reveals that schizophrenia, drug-induced psychosis, marijuana-induced psychosis, depressive disorders, and polysubstance dependence are among the leading diagnoses. Notably, approximately 63% of current patients are males, with half of the cases falling within the 20-29 age range.

In recognition of his contributions to mental health and wellness in the Federation, the facility was renamed in honor of the late Dr. Arthur W. Lake in 2018. Dr. Lake, a respected local psychiatrist, dedicated his career to advancing mental health initiatives and supporting individuals in need throughout the community.

Despite ongoing efforts to address mental health issues, challenges persist, particularly among vulnerable populations such as teenagers. The inclusion of teenagers among MHDTC patients underscores the importance of early intervention and comprehensive support systems to address mental health concerns effectively.

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