BUJU BANTON RETURNS: Reggae Legend Gargamel Sets Foot on US Soil After 15 Years

Mark Buju Banton Myrie, famously known as Gargamel, has made a triumphant return to the United States of America, setting foot in Miami, Florida, for the first time since his arrest nearly 15 years ago. The international record producer, DJ Khaled, took to Instagram to share the historic moment, introducing his “brother” to fans worldwide.In an emotional introduction, DJ Khaled expressed his excitement, saying, “This is legendary! I haven’t seen my brother, and I don’t think you have seen my brother, and it’s been about 15 years since you have seen him in Miami or what we call the United States. And I just want to say yow Buju Banton welcome back to your second home.”Buju Banton, visibly moved by the warm welcome, responded with gratitude, acknowledging the support of his fans and the significance of his return. “God is amazing, my brother,” he said. “I wanna say nuff love to all the people out there. This is Buju Banton, I want to say nuff love to you all, all my fans out there in all the states in the United States of America, Gargamel is back.”The reggae icon, who was arrested in Florida in 2009 on drug-related charges, served a 10-year sentence and was released in December 2018. Upon his return to Jamaica, he received an overwhelming welcome from thousands of fans during his iconic Long Walk to Freedom concert held in March 2019.Legal experts had speculated about Buju Banton’s reentry into the US, suggesting that he would only be allowed on a temporary work visa due to his deportation. However, the details of his current visa status remain unclear.As Buju Banton’s return to the US reignites excitement among fans, speculation mounts about whether the reggae legend will grace the stage in Miami soon. With his powerful message of resilience and love, Buju Banton’s presence promises to uplift spirits and reignite the vibrancy of reggae music on American soil once again.

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