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 2nd Vice President Elizabeth Armony of BPW St. Kitts delivered an emotional plea to the General Assembly of the International Congress on Friday 27th October, as she seconded the Resolution that was proposed by the President of BPW New Zealand for the Recognition of Climate Change and the requirements for new status of environmentally displaced persons. Mrs. Armony readily accepted the challenge to put this motion forward stated that although her country of St. Kitts and Nevis was no stranger to natural disasters, especially hurricanes, the region had recently gone through unprecedented destruction from the impact of the intense Hurricanes Imra, Jose and Maria and this has left several of our BPW Sisters in disarray. It was therefore very timely for the resolution to be brought to the floor as it would serve to alleviate some of the current concerns of our sisters. The resolution calls for: 1. Increase awareness to ensure that each member is updated on the impacts of climate change; 2. Recognition that women and girls are mote affected by these disasters; 3. Consult with each government to ensure that each country has signed the Paris Agreement of 12th December, 2015; 4. Advocacy to ensure that the Paris Agreement is signed; 5. Lobbying of governments to implement the Environmental Displaced Persons Status. The resolution was unanimously passed as all countries present, agreed to adopt the requests and follow through on such an important matter which affects the social and economic survival of all members. This is to ensure measures are put in place to eliminate severe deprivation, hardship and discrimination.

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