Basseterre High School – A Foreigner’s Perspective

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Full disclosure. I’m a foreigner.  I am a father of two children, age 19 and 23.  Raising a family and developing children has always remained priority number one.  In every way, it’s been my Purpose in life.

When I hear parents, faculty, and children of BHS share their experiences related to skin rashes, breathing, vision, and other symptoms, I believe them.  One person, two persons, or 200 — demands that we put people first.
I’d like to share my story.  My sister passed away at age 42.  I spoke to her on the telephone weekly, and what seemed to be a simple cold, later grew worse, and I thought it might be pneumonia.  During this period of time, she saw here physician.  When her symptoms lingered, she consulted several of Boise’s top physicians, each gave her thorough exams.  The verdict?  Not to worry, nothings wrong, it’s a cold.  After each visit, she was sent away with reassurance it was a passing condition.  Blood work had been drawn; nothing alarming had been detected.  Science has spoken.  Sound familiar?
Then the truth.  During a telephone conversation, my sister began making unnatural noises, then phone silence. 911 was called. The verdict? Brain tumors, aneurism, and a diagnosis of cancer.  My sister passed away a couple months thereafter.
I often ask myself WHY trained professionals and state-of-the-art testing FAILED to detect her true condition?
As for me? I’ll take the word of a child… I’ll respect the word of parents… and I’ll believe the word of teachers — and err on the side of health and safety.
Let’s just use common sense.
BHS was built to accommodate 300 students, with over 800 students, this is 266% over capacity.
BHS is an old structure, by all standards.  Buildings like people, develop issues over time, especially given St. Kitts humidity.
Students and faculty showed up to numerous healthcare providers with real skin rashes, real vision problems, real headaches, and real concerns.
The new government has promised to build a new high school.  Did anyone believe this would be accomplished prior to September 1, 2015?  Anyone?  This is progressive.  It affords the nation to wrap their energy around a state-of-the-art high school that elevates our youth… that prepares them to compete within a world stage.  I applaud moving forward, not looking back.  Why continue to distract the nation with pandoring and distraction?
BHS has become absurdly politicized.  Why?  I honestly see those who feel BHS to be safe and acceptable for attendance as political agents with no merit or cause.  Let me explain.  If you are a health professional, parent, student, teacher, or faculty of BSH, then your opinion has merit.  Your voice is the voice I respect.
Unless you are sending your own children to BHS this year, then you must quiet your utter nonsense.  My advise to you would be to stop playing the role of political jester — then realize this is about the health and safety of the children. Look forward with VISION not behind you in spite and pettiness.
Now for this atmosphere of craziness.  You would think it’s silly season all over again.  I’ve heard someone say the new government is all about child abuse?  What?? I’ve heard on the airways so-called experts outright say it’s only a small percentage of children, who most likely have imagined their illness.
I’m speechless.  
Please. Stop the politics. Parents stand strong.  Always err on the side of the health and safety of your children.  If silly people want to make silly arguments, ignore them.  Your child’s health and safety is what’s most important.
I say, get on with the business of building a new school, build it to the latest academic and classroom standards.  My sister was told her illness was a simple cold.  She was told to just go back to work, that everything was just fine.  Her scientific tests were performed by humans, interpreted by humans, and they were all deadly wrong.
Some even suggested that my sister was imagining many of her symptoms… they said that her tests were conclusive, and to not worry herself.  While only ‘one’ 42 year old woman, her absence has been a hole in my heart that never heals.
Let us come together around vision, around elevating acedemic capacity of our youth.  Anything other than this is backward movement. Intelligent people must be aware, and recognize there exists forces and personalities that lost an election, they are bitter, and as immature children, they throw adult antics to politicize BHS.  They are just being silly.

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  1. A number of bitter and angry persons who recently lost an election have been exhibiting their disgraceful conduct by shouting “child abuser” at practically all of the Basseterre High School teachers. This is an obvious attack on the good character of dedicated and hardworking servants of the people. They should not blame anyone but themselves when they are made to put their money where their mouth is.

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