Former Antigua Queen Comes Out of the Closet in Launch of New Video Blog

Tasheka LaVann

ST JOHN’S, Antigua, (Aug 13 2015) – Antigua Carnival Golden Jubilee Queen Tasheka LaVann has ended years of speculation about her sexuality. In a recently release on a newly launched Video Blog the former Antigua Broadcasting Station ABS TV/Radio Personality declared that she is “gay and proud”.

LaVann has embarked on a YouTube channel called “Island Lez Talk”, which has been reaching thousands of people across the Caribbean and as far as the UK, North America and even Africa. More than 2000 people have viewed LaVann’s first episode in which she introduces herself and takes questions from her audience.Tasheka LaVann 2
“I know persons have assumed that I am a lesbian. I know that persons refuse to believe that I could ever be a lesbian. But truth be told, I am a lesbian and I have always been a lesbian,” LaVann said in response to a question about her sexuality.
The former Sandals Grande Antigua Public Relations Manager told viewers she was speaking about the issue publicly for the very first time “although it’s not a recent discovery.”
Recalling her early struggles with her sexuality, the former pageant queen revealed she masked her true self “by entering into heterosexual relationships” but she can now admit that she’d find somewhere like this site and others to be a lot more personally sexually appealing to her.
“Now I’m absolutely proud to be who I am,” she added.
LaVann, 29, said she’s learned the art of blocking off rumors and denied that her sexuality was based on a bad experience with a man.
LaVann, who has relocated to Toronto, is in a relationship and plans to release her blog every Sunday.
Press Release issued to announce the launch of the new Video Blog “Island Lez Talk” stated in part “Island Lez Talk is dedicated to discussing issues that affect everyday people in general, especially those who are constantly marginalized and discriminated against. My channel was inspired by my life as a public figure living in the Caribbean and by my LGBTQ family in particular, because for many years I sat and watched many of my brothers and sisters being attacked by society and felt powerless.”

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