Commentary: Dr. Drew Gambled and Lost

Commentary By Charles Jones,


During the much storied 2 year long election campaign which was recently concluded with a historic Team UNITY victory there was much discussion regarding the decision of three young medical doctors to essentially give up their professions to enter political arena.

Dr Terrance Drew in particular was asked on St.Kitts-Nevis media why he chose to enter politics at what many considered one of the most politically tumultuous periods in the country’s history. It seemed strange to most that he would take such a big gamble especially on a political leader who by all accounts had lost his way . Poll after poll showed that the country wanted change and they wanted to see the back of the then Labour government regime led by Dr. Denzil Douglas. Dr. Drew gave up saving lives some will argue to instead try and save the political life of a leader who had long past his better days.

Dr. Bichara Sahely in a note explained that he was disappointed in the decision taken by his three colleagues namely Dr. Terrance Drew, Dr. Vance Gilbert and Dr. Norgen Wilson.  No doubt his disspointment was exxaxerbated by the fact that there was a dire need for Dr Drew’s expertise at the hospital almost during the entire period of his political campaign. However he chose the politics and the saving of the political life of his leader over the saving of lives of ordinary citizens.

Dr Drew gambled and he lost. After giving up his profession to pursue politics he suffered the worst beating of any of his recent predecessors including Cedric Liburd. Almost 300 votes Dr Drew lost by. A huge eye opener to most as Drew was touted as the hier apparent to the leader of the Labour Party Dr. Denzil Douglas. The people therefore rejected him and his decision to become a politician. They no doubt felt betrayed and disappointed when he chose to try and save the political life of a waning leader over saving the lives of the poor people of the country.

After throwing away his lot at the poker table he now wants to come back and demand that he be taken back. Similar to when an employee resigns thinking he had won the lotto only to realize afterwards that the lotto was a scam and there was no winnings there for him. When he thought the winnings were coming his way he through his lot behind it. But what he saw was a mirage. He was fooled by his leader who convinced him of an oasis when in fact it was a desert as far as his political career. Things did not work out for Dr Drew. The people soundly rejected him and his leadership. He now expects to be able to just waltz back into whatever he was doing before as if nothing has happened. As if he didn’t give up his service to the people as a MD in favour of service to his Political Leader. Everyone asked him over and over again why jeapordise your career, your professional life to take this gamble in politics? Your calling seems to be medicine and the care of people through medicine. So why give up that to engage in the nasty game of politics? He often couldn’t answer or gave an answer which really meant little.

Dr. Drew you gave up the people and service of the people in medicine for service of a political leader. It didn’t work out for you. You gambled and lost.


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