Antigua Lastlap cancelled as truck crushes mas’ player

ANTIGUA OBSERVER –Carnival celebrations came to a tragic and sudden end on Tuesday night when a truck ran over a woman crushing her to death.

The deceased is Nikki Phillip, 25, a resident of New York, USA, who was arrived in Antigua on July 24, 2016 and had been residing in Green Bay.

Nikki Phillip

Nikki Phillip

The incident took place near the round about outside the Antigua Recreation Ground shortly after 9pm.

The operator of a drinks truck who wanted to be identified only as Stefan witnessed the tragedy.

He told  OBSERVER media, “the truck actually passed and then we heard a loud “PAP” and that  was it.”

Images have surfaced of rescuers trying to retrieve Phillip from under the massive truck. When they succeeded, the woman was placed on a stretcher to a round of applause from spectators who thought she might still be alive.

Moments later authorities confirmed that the woman died from her injuries and the traditional lastlap celebrations were called off.

Reports are that the woman played mas’ with Myst Carnival although their principals could not be reached up until press time.

For a moment the incident caused shock and panic with friends and family members wailing. There are reports that police used tear gas to keep people away.

Earlier thousands of revelers and spectators took in the festivities described by lawmen as having no serious violent incidents.

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  1. My prayers go out to the family of Nikki Phillip. It is very sad when death comes like this.I hope even in that last moment she was able to call upon the Lord. May her soul rest in peace

  2. One common thread, “”Do not trust “HAPPY”, figuratively”. Being so involved in mass, happy you tend to be lacadadical; your lapse in security and safety – tragedy prevail…

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