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In what can be characterized as the most forceful showing of resolve by the Team UNITY Government to tackle the scourge of  crime Prime Minister and Minister of National security Dr Hon Timothy Harris flanked by Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Shawn K Richards, Premier Vance Amory and Attorney General Vincent Byron Jr. addressed the media on Wednesday in the PM’s Monthly Press Conference .

One day after the most recent shooting PM Harris forcefully reiterated his government’s commitment to beat back and bury the terrible scourge of crime. In addressing the issue PM Harris described Crime as the Nation’s greatest challenge and outlined some details of what can be described as his administration’s WAR ON CRIME.

“By far, our single greatest challenge in the Nation is the issue of crime.  My Government continues to tackle this scourge head-on, and will not cede this fight to those criminal elements who are bent on destroying our families and communities, our social institutions, our economy, the investment climate, and our Country’s good name in the regional and international environments,” declared PM Harris

PM Harris put criminals on Notice and stated “ Criminals in St. Kitts and Nevis had been put on notice from the very inception of our Administration just over two years ago.  We have far too much at stake in this Nation – individually and collectively – to allow anti-social behaviours, selfish, heartless, callous, and destructive attitudes and actions to run roughshod over the length and breathe of this Federation.  Over the past two days, I would have reminded the public that St. Kitts and Nevis is, by and large, a Nation of laws.  We are governed by laws, so that we remain a respectful and disciplined people wherein the gains of development and prosperity are shared by all. 


PM Harris concluded by sternly stating that his administration will not tolerate criminal behavior and this lawless behavior will be brought to an end by any means necessary .

“Each and every person in this Country deserves his or her fair share.  Such is our right. Such is our expectation. Such is our entitlement.  However, the path to prosperity and a fair share is not characterized by lawlessness.  It is not characterized by criminality, by murder, robbery, fraud and the destructively selfish mindset of coveting what others have without working for it.  Such behaviour has to stop – and will be stopped by whatever legal means are available to our national security agencies and our people who have the right to protect what is theirs,” said PM Harris

The national security minister used the occasion to extend condolences to the families who have lost loved ones to crime, especially gun violence. He added that the nation’s people “have suffered enough at the hands of criminals, and the families of victims have had to rebuild the pieces of their lives in the face of grief and fractured relationships”.

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