Carla Astaphan Advocates for Reparations at UN Forum on People of African Descent in Switzerland


Carla Astaphan, Chair of the St. Kitts Nevis National Reparations Commission and Member of the Caricom Reparations Commission, recently took center stage at the United Nations’ 3rd Session of the Permanent Forum for the People of African Descent in Geneva, Switzerland. Astaphan was invited to participate in the forum and delivered a compelling presentation in support of reparations for the descendants of Trans-Atlantic slavery.The UN forum, which opened on Tuesday, aims to address the historical injustices inflicted upon people of African descent and explore avenues for redress. Astaphan’s participation underscores the growing momentum behind the reparations movement, which seeks to address the enduring legacy of slavery and colonialism in contemporary society.For centuries, millions of Africans were forcibly transported across the Atlantic Ocean, enduring unimaginable suffering and exploitation at the hands of European merchants and slave traders. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade not only devastated African societies but also enriched European nations and fueled the growth of economies in the Americas, particularly in Brazil and the Caribbean.Astaphan’s advocacy for reparations highlights the urgent need to acknowledge and address the systemic inequalities and injustices that continue to impact communities of African descent worldwide. Her presentation at the UN forum serves as a call to action for increased funding and support for initiatives aimed at redressing historical wrongs and promoting social justice.As the forum progresses, Astaphan is scheduled to make a follow-up presentation, further amplifying the voices of those advocating for reparatory justice. Her efforts represent a significant step forward in the global movement towards reconciliation and restitution for the descendants of enslaved Africans.

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