****Antigua and Barbuda are basking in the glow of a remarkable achievement as they welcome over 500,000 cruise passengers in just five months. The vibrant St. John’s Harbour is abuzz with excitement as the country celebrates this monumental milestone.According to Rawle Reynolds, Operations Manager at the Antigua Cruise Port, the nation has already played host to an impressive 496,000 passengers through 253 ship visits as of May 5th.Today’s arrival of two significant vessels, the Celebrity Beyond and Norwegian Sky, is expected to push the total number beyond the 501,000 mark, further solidifying Antigua and Barbuda’s position as a top-tier cruise destination.This milestone not only underscores the allure of the twin-island nation but also highlights its growing popularity among global travelers seeking unforgettable cruise experiences.As Antigua and Barbuda continue to set new benchmarks in the world of cruise tourism, the world eagerly awaits what’s next for this dynamic Caribbean destination.

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