5 Reason Why Your Vape Device Popping And Spitting Back

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Almost every vaper has experienced popping and spitting. After using your vaporizer for some time, you will experience these sounds, especially with a rebuildable atomizer or regular tank. Older devices had more spitting and popping, but manufacturers have worked around to minimize these problems. These sounds can be annoying, but you don’t have to throw your device away.

Popping is normal when liquid is heated. As your vaporizer heats the e-liquid, the reaction might make a popping sound. But the spitting can cause you to lose your valuable e-juice. Besides, if your device is popping and spitting more than usual, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Having it fixed is the best way to minimize or correct the issues.

Vaping provides some insight into the causes of spitting and popping. When you identify the cause, you can easily work out a solution without buying a new device.

What Are the Causes of Spitting and Popping?

1. Low Wattage

The first suspect when you hear a crackle should be the wattage of your device. Check the voltage cos it might be time to recharge the device. If the battery voltage is okay, then check the wattage.

If the wattage is below the optimum level, the device will not produce adequate heat to vaporize the e-liquid as fast as it should. It will cause the e-liquid to flow back into the tank. That is what will cause the spitting and popping sounds.

You can try adjusting the wattage to see if the problem goes away. Increase the wattage by about 10 watts and monitor the functionality. If you notice a significant change, then you can conclude that low wattage was the problem.

If you are using a rebuildable tank atomizer, check if the airflow is loose. If it is, then air will flow back into the device.

If the airflow is the issue, it is advisable to narrow the air inlets. Loosen the air pressure at the tank’s neck. This should improve the vaporization and minimize the splitting and cracking. Alternatively, you may procure electric rigs for sale and reap all benefits.

2. Narrow Chimney:

If the device has a narrow chimney, vapor can condense behind the chimney and interfere with the airflow. If the vapor condenses within the chimney and does not escape, it turns to water as it cools. The resulting water may block the escape route for air.

If the problem began after changing the tank, you could try a wider chimney tank. Alternatively, opt for a rebuildable dripping atomizer as these come wider chimneys.

3. Dirty Chimney

Sometimes, the popping and cracking may occur even when you have an atomizer with a wide chimney. In such a case, the culprit could be a dirty chimney.

If you have used the device for some time without cleaning the tank, waste e-juice could have collected in the chimney and blocked it. It could cause the spit-back and popping you have been hearing.

Cleaning the chimney could solve the problem. Cleaning the chimney is simple: just insert a tissue paper piece after removing the drip tip and let it absorb the accumulated water. Ensure that you clean the tank regularly to prevent the chimney from being clogged.

4. Bad Coil:

The type of coil one is using can also cause the device to crackle. Some people prefer using brained coils as they give better flavors. But the disadvantage is that these types of vape coils have spaces between the braids.

If the spaces between the braids are large, the e-liquid might seep through.  If this happens, you will hear popping and hissing sounds from the tank.

There is nothing much you can do if you bought the coil braided. But if your coil is homemade, you can try making it tighter as this will help reduce the spaces.

If you prefer to buy braided coils, look for high-quality coils that are tightly braided and can perform at optimum levels at all temperatures.

5. Bad e-liquid:

Sometimes, the type of e-liquid one uses could also cause popping and spitting. If the problem started after changing the e-liquid, the problem could be the e-liquid.

Thin e-liquids tend to overflow into the coil, which will result in spit-back and crackling of the device. You are likely to experience this problem more if you are using a sub-ohm tank, which requires high temperatures to reach optimum functionality.

Some people prefer e-liquids with high propylene glycol (PG) content because of the rich flavor. The problem with PG is that it is a thinner oil and is likely to pop. If you do not like the popping, consider changing to thicker oil such as vegetable glycerin (VG).

Smaller devices, such as a pod mod, use lower temperatures and may not be suitable for thicker oils. Such devices require thinner liquids that can heat quickly under lower temperatures. If you want to use thicker oils, then consider changing your device as well.


If your device has been functioning well but suddenly starts to spit and crackle, consider cleaning it before checking for other problems. Most of the hissing and cracking is often the result of a dirty, clogged device.

Always keep your device clean. This will prevent residue from obstructing the airflow. As a rule, consider cleaning the device after every month or as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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