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“For 20 years we saw no advancement of our people from St.Pauls . We need not look further than our Civil Service where NOT ONE individual from St.Pauls has EVER been appointed to any senior position of significance such as Ambassador, Senator, Permanent Secretary, Advisor or even Director of Department. St.Pauls has always been taken for granted. This must no longer happen. TRY SOMETHING ELSE and I guarantee the people of St.Pauls will no longer be taken for granted.” This was the declaration and promise made by then Team UNITY PLP Candidate Kevin “Ninky” Williams during the lead up to the historic 2020 St.Kitts-Nevis General Elections. The TRY SOMETHING ELSE campaign of Williams was well received and resulted in a 100% improvement in the results when compared to the 2015 elections in Constituency#6. Williams campaign emphasized the limited advancement of the people of his hometown of St.Pauls. In many instances St.Pauls is described among the least developed areas in the country. This despite having had a Prime Minister for 20 years who was born and raised there.

Mr. Williams’ cry has no doubt resonated and has been heard loud and clear. During a recent Press Conference Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris announced the appointment of Kevin Williams as an Ambassador. This is the first such appointment of someone from the Village of St.Pauls . This was followed this week by the announcement that Dr. Joyelle Clarke. also from St.Pauls, has been named the SKN Labour Party’s Opposition Senator. Clarke’s presence in parliament means that for the first time in the history of the SKN Parliament there will be more than one person from St.Pauls.

His Excellency Ambassador Williams commented on the recent designations and appointments and stated “It is about time that the people of St.Pauls and by extension Const#6 get the attention and respect they deserve. I made a strong and passionate plea during the campaign for the significant improvement of the stock and development of the people of St.Pauls. I made the point that despite having scores of qualified individuals none were ever considered for any senior position of significance in the civil service. This despite having a Prime Minister for 20 years who is from St.Pauls. No doubt the people of St.Pauls were not only taken for granted but they were largely not regarded in any meaningful or substantive way except for when they are needed to “spread out” to help win elections.

Today, I am pleased by the presence of no less than two persons in the parliament from St.Pauls. I am further humbled that I have been given the opportunity and the privilege to serve as the FIRST desginated Ambassador from the Village of St.Pauls . The last elections has shown clearly that the people in St.Pauls and const #6 are opening their eyes and are more than ready and willing to TRY SOMETHING ELSE!”

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