5 MINISTERS OFF ISLAND ! WHO IS IN CHARGE ? Absent Leadership: Heavy Criticism as Five St. Kitts and Nevis Ministers Jet Off Island

*The absence of leadership has sparked controversy in St. Kitts and Nevis as five key government Ministers are currently off-island, leaving questions unanswered and fueling criticism over the Drew Administration’s frequent travel habits.Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Terrance Drew, along with Minister Joyelle Clarke, finds themselves in Canada, while Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Geoffrey Hanley and Attorney General Hon. Garth Wilkin are in Taiwan. Additionally, Minister Samal Duggins is in Bermuda, adding to the growing list of absent officials.The unprecedented frequency of Ministerial travel has come under intense scrutiny, with critics condemning the lack of accountability and continuity in governance. The absence of five Ministers simultaneously raises concerns about who is in charge and the effective functioning of the government in their absence.The Drew Administration is facing mounting pressure to address the issue, as citizens demand transparency and clarity regarding the responsibilities and decision-making processes during the Ministers’ absence. With no indication of who assumes leadership in the Prime Minister’s absence, the situation has further fueled public discontent and eroded trust in the government’s ability to prioritize the needs of the nation.As the scrutiny intensifies, the Drew Administration faces a crucial test in restoring public confidence and demonstrating a commitment to effective governance. The frequency and duration of Ministerial travel must be addressed to ensure accountability, transparency, and stability in St. Kitts and Nevis’ leadership.

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