Hundreds flooded the streets of Basseterre in St.Kitts as workers in the country celebrated Labour Day 2014. The traditional labour day marc h which has turned into a Political Jam Session saw the ruling labour party dominating the event with their signature color Red. .  4 of the Island’s top bands including Nu-Vybes, Small Axe Band and Kollishun Band as well as a number of Hi-Fi’s including DJ Ronnie Rascal and Real Right Sound System among others, were contracted by the ruling Labour Party for the march.  It was the first time that 3 major bands had been contracted for the march and the first time that 3 bands were on the road for a street jam at the same time outside of the National Carnival Celebrations in December.

Also there for the weekend events was Reggae Star Demarco who performed at weekend events leading up to the march and was also present at the post march event held at the Patsy Allers Grounds.


The March was led by members of the Ruling Labour Party including Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas along with some members of the Labour Union. Much effort was put into the preparation for the march unlike prior years as the Prime Minister Dr. Douglas is still sitting on a motion of no confidence for the last 16 months and is vigorously battling waning approval ratings according to recent polls.

There was much emphasis and attention placed on the march by the Ruling Labour Party as it was seen as an opportunity to show the strength and popularity of the Party and Leader Dr. Denzil Douglas.  Supporters of the coalition political partners from Nevis the NRP were ferried over to join in the march. The March according to all observers, was as has become expected , with hundreds of Labour Party Faithfuls.

“With 3 bands and even more Hi-Fi’s I expected a much larger march.  But the march was an exciting one none the less. It has become more of a jam session over the years and I am afraid that the true meaning of the march has been lost, “ said an observer

Political Observers on the island were busy debating the significance of the March politically and whether it showed any improvement in the waning favourability and popularity of the ruling party and Leader Dr. Denzil Douglas . There were comparisons made  to recent marches by the Opposition Team UNITY in support of the tabling of the Motion of No Confidence in which the opposition was able to draw thousands to the streets without any band or hi-fi but instead a simple blow horn.  

Whether this March shows any improvement in Dr. Douglas’ waning approval remains debatable. What is not debatable however is that hundreds took to the streets and had a wonderful time . It was Labour Day Jouvert !

ImageTeam Unity MarchImage Team UNITY Post March Rally

ImageTeam UNITY March- No bAND- No Hi-Fi’s 



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