Dr Timothy Harris declared that the new administration of the PLP will instantly begin construction of at least 2000 New houses. The party’s manifesto also outlined that young people, youths under the age of 35 will be given priority in land distribution.

Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, also the leader of the People’s Labour Party (PLP), Dr Timothy Harris declared that the new administration of the PLP will instantly begin construction of at least 2000 New Low to Middle-Income houses for young individuals.

Prior to the upcoming general elections on August 5, the People’s Labour Party (PLP) announced that they would execute some major plans, policies and agendas after assuming office.

Prime Minister Harris noted PLP government would immediately start building up low to middle-income houses for young people.

He shared via his official social media account that the PLP government will :

Construct 2,000 new housing solutions for lower and middle-income families around the island of St. Kitts, particularly in marginalised and growing communities;

Provide duty-free concessions to assist college/university graduates to build, purchasing or renovating their first home. This will help them in making the transition faster from being a renter to being a property owner while enabling them to move quickly into raising families and building their net worth;

Extend the reduction in the annual land and house taxes for first-time homeowners.

The candidates of PLP mentioned they have a track record of keeping people safe, especially at the worst times. Their contract with the individuals is a way to show that they are serious about their commitment to delivering a secure future for all.

Along with this, he stated, families are the bedrock of the society as well as as a People’s Labour Party government will support them to thrive.

They said they will:

Introduce a financial assistance programme for families to supplement incomes under $3000.

Increase the PAP from $500 a month to $1000 a month from September 1 2022;

Expand the number of families that would benefit from the PAP programme

Establish a liveable income of $3000 monthly.

Ensure that all police officers, nurses, teachers, and defence force personnel will receive a minimum salary of $3000 per month.

Consider the possibility of raising the minimum wage.

Introduce a Child Care allowance of $500 for parents making less than $3000 per month.

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