PM Harris says future is at stake on Friday August 5th; tells voters PLP can be trusted to deliver

For Immediate Release:
(Wednesday 3rd August 2022)
Prime Minister and PLP leader Dr Timothy Harris has said that the future of St Kitts and Nevis is at stake in Friday’s election and asked citizens to vote for the PLP as the party who can deliver a secure future for them and their family.Speaking in front of a huge crowd in West Basseterre, Dr Harris said Friday’s election came down to a clear choice between the PLP with experienced leadership and a plan to deliver a secure future, or Labour’s inexperienced leadership and their record of higher taxes and higher bills.Addressing the crowd, Harris said, “The future is at stake in a real way. We have a clear choice – a choice of a secure future or to go backwards with Labour, to the high debt, to the 85% increase in the electricity bill. When our country’s good name was scandalised around the world.”“Forward, there is only one choice. PAM is out of the race, they’re doing secret deals with Labour. PAM have lost their way and left their people. So come to the PLP and we will go forward with leadership that has been tried and tested through a global pandemic.”Labour’s record was set in stark contrast to the PLP’s Contract with the People – containing commitments to cut VAT to 10%, double PAP to $1,000 a month, introduce a $3,000 a month liveable income, build 2,000 new homes and introduce skills training and work experience programmes to create jobs.Harris finished with a direct appeal to voters, urging them to base their choice on who they can trust to deliver.“When you vote, think about who you can trust. Who can you trust to keep you safe? Only the PLP. Who can you trust to deliver a secure future? Only Dr Harris and his PLP team.“Based on our record, who do you trust to create more jobs? Who do you trust to grow the economy? Only Harris and his PLP team.“On election day, put your X by the saw.”

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