(Thursday August 4th, 2022) With just one day before the August 5th Elections in St.Kitts and Nevis the incumbent PM Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris looks ready to be returned for a 3rd Term as PM if recent polling and the atmosphere on the ground is an indication . The final polls are in and just like other recent polls conducted the race has now become even more clearer . As indicated in recent weeks by both Don Anderson and Peter Wickham the upcoming elections will be a clear fight between the PM Harris and his PLP and the SKNLP. The last poll conducted which ended on Monday August 1st and began 2 weeks ago showed that PM Harris’ PLP will win 5 seats of the 11 Parliamenatry seats up for grabs with an outside chance for 1 more. The polls suggest that the Elections will see the following ;

Constituency #1- Geoffrey Hanley (Labour)
Constituency #2- Nubian Greaux (PLP)
Constituency# 3- Akilah Byron-Nisbett(PLP)
Constituency #4 – Kendale Liburd (PLP)
Constituency #5- Stachio Williams (PLP)
Constituency#6- Dr. Denzil Douglas (Labour)
Constituency #7 – Dr. Timothy Harris (PLP)
Constituency#8- Dr. Terrance Drew (Labour)

Constituency #9- Mark Brantley (CCM)
Constituency #10- Eric Evelyn (CCM)
Constituency #11- Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge (NRP)

The polling also showed that the important issues for the voters were Housing, Healthcare, Employment . Prime Minister Harris was the preferred leader with almost 60% of those surveyed indicating that they were either satisfied with his leadership or they preferred his leadership to anyone else. Former PM Dr. Denzil Douglas had about a 16% favourability rating as leader of the country followed by Dr. Terrance Drew with 13% and Shawn Richards with 9%.
On Wednesday evening all 3 major parties on St.Kitts had Rally styled events. The PAM brought in Soca Superstar Skinny Fabulous for their rally while the SKNLP and PM Harris’ PLP used a plethora of local artistes at their rallies. PM Harris’ PLP Rally Drew the largest crowd .

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