15 ways to celebrate your Birthday during Covid-19 Pandemic on St.Kitts .

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15 ways to celebrate your Birthday during Covid-19 Pandemic

By Iconsolable

BASSETERRE; St. Kitts: AWW! We know many are feeling down and disappointed that they are unable to celebrate one of the most important milestones in their life -their Birthday! The Coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on the plans of so many who would have been looking forward to celebrating. Consequently, we have been under curfews, lockdowns and a state of emergency and we are once again asking ourselves in 2021 as we did in 2020 when will it end?

Nonetheless, despite being unable to celebrate with a bunch of friends at a club, at a crowded bar or themed party with loved ones, there are still many ways you can celebrate safely and have fun.
We came up with 15 alternative ways you can celebrate, and we have included some service providers who can offer these services.

  • Virtual Cooking Class- Here is a great opportunity to connect with your favorite people over food. Hire a local Chef to conduct an online cooking class for you and family or friends and finally learn how to create your favorite fine dining meal from the comforts of your home.
  • Pamper yourself with gifts – There is absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself to a special gift to cheer you up during this pandemic. It may be something you have been eyeing for a while with the extra cash you are saving from being unable to splurge for your Birthday. If you don’t have anything planned, there are so many choices! Maybe you can get some Personalized Gifts for all occasions, be it for home use or personal need. In the end, just remember to buy what your heart yearns for or something that’ll be useful. Maybe you have a custom gift in mind that you’ve been thinking about getting but now is the time to do so, for example, if you are away from your friends and family during this time, a custom photo blanket, mug, t-shirt, etc. with their faces on may make you feel better and keep them close on those days when you feel a little down.
  • Video Game Party- Might be common or can be a special treat for that deserving gamer in your life. This can also be a great way for children to celebrate. Bring out the snacks and play online games like Colonist to turn the game night into a night of fun. You can also rent a game console and games from Game On Video Game Lounge- 766-5100. If you want to play actual physical board games with your friends and you each have the game at your houses, you can jump on zoom and play together and virtually roll a die so none of you can cheat whilst playing, especially if it is monopoly.
  • Order food/dinner party- Food is definitely a great way to celebrate. And with the many online food ordering portals. You can surely have a feast. Many businesses are offering food platters or boxes with scrumptious delicacies. Order your favorite meals via 869togo, Caribeeats or ECaribhub.
  • Virtual Concert- In 2020, the pandemic came as a shock to many, luckily, there were several virtual concerts held both regionally and internationally with top artists that filled the yearning of many who missed going out. Concerts such as the versuz series were unknowingly pleasant and welcomed surprises for celebrants. Some are still happening and when they do, invite your friends to watch along with you send you virtual birthday wishes on the concert’s live chat.
  • Photoshoot- This is definitely a popular and memorable way to celebrate your milestone. Think about your age and theme or the message you want to portray and discuss with a photographer who is up for during the open days. It can either be an outdoor shoot or at their studio. You can also do an at home shoot with your cellphone and have the photos professionally retouched and edited by Jay Black Productions- jayblackproductions@gmail.com for inquiries.
  • Paint and Sip at home – Another great activity you can do with your friends virtually is a painting activity. You can either hire a professional artist to guide you virtually or you and your besties can purchase a take home kit from Sasha The Artist- 665-5458. Have fun with your besties and break out the bottle of wine and enjoy fun and laughs as you unleash your artistic side safely.
  • Movie night- Netflix and chill never gets old. Take it up a notch and get some delicious popcorn from Island Poppers-764-5722 and enjoy your night with your family.
  • Karaoke night- Get the whole family involved from Grandma to the youngest household member. Everyone has a favorite song that they love singing!
  • Yoga- If you love yoga. You can connect with your zen in your yard or even at the beach if permitted. Great way to connect with nature and social distance.
  • Makeover- Birthdays are always a great excuse for a new look! And there are many ways you can give yourself a makeover all from the comforts of your home via Youtube! Yep! You can learn how to braid your own hair if that was something you have always wanted to do and it is easier than you think. There are also endless tutorials for facials and skin care regimen that you can try but be mindful of ingredients that may trigger an allergic reaction.
  • Balloon Décor – Nothing says celebration like balloons. Go balloon crazy and as creative as you would like because it is your birthday, and you can do what you want to! So decorate your home and turn your space into a place of celebration. Check out Balloon Boutique 760-6656
  • Brunch – The first meal of the day is extremely important and is a great treat for anyone celebrating their big day to indulge in the deliciousness. Why not order one of those delicious brunch platters from Blessed Hands Kitchen by Hazel Jeffers- 665-3155
  • Portrait – The federation is filled with so many talented artists who can create unique art for you including having your portrait or even your family portrait drawn or painted. Oh how sweet it is to see yourself in a beautiful way through the eyes of someone else! Contact Vaughn Anslyn via Facebook.
  • Resin Art- This is another cool and up to the time way of celebrating you and even your family. It is an upgrade from the usual portraits done on paper or canvas and will definitely last a lifetime. Contact chachab_accessories on I.G

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