St.Georges, Grenada (February 8th 2016)-YESTERDAY MARKED GRENADA’S 42nd INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY 12651157_10153378135479562_7804811577488034082_nbut some Grenadians spent the day in what was dubbed “Occupy Camerhogne Park” a protest action aimed at stopping the rumoured sale of the only public park on the beach for the construction of a hotel by an Egyptian billionaire.

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Since word broke of the rumoured sale, more than 4, 500 (four thousand five hundred) Grenadians have signed a Petition to save Camerhogne Park. There are also on-line petitions in London and the New York.

The Committee to Save Camerhogne Park says it is overwhelmed by the awesome response from Grenadians, noting the tremendous interest of teachers, students, senior citizens and people in general who are calling on the government to recognise that the Park is the only available public space for recreation and social activities.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has insisted that no decision has been finalised on the sale of the Park.

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  1. How much more of our birthright will be given away by those supposedly looking out for our welfare? Shame on you!

  2. Highway Robbery. What next will you sell? The whole island?

  3. I support “Occupy Camerhogne Park”. If not any and everything, will be for sale.

  4. Isn’t it better to have the hotel, won’t this create tons of jobs for Grenadians? How many jobs are created by a park? Grenada needs something like this to boost employment.

  5. That’s the way to do it l.

  6. Follow the money trail and cut it off I was not born in Grenada but my parents were. As a boy I lived there for a while. And have the fondest memories. Please do not distroy does memories and let the beautiful island of Grenada remain in Grenadian hands.

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