We will uplift communities says PLP’s Deputy Political Leader Hon Byron-Nisbett at Exciting Central Basseterre WHIT Monday Fun Day at the Gardens

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BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, June 8, 2017 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — The Peoples Labour Party (PLP), a member of the ruling tri-party Team Unity coalition, is assuring of a continued uplifting of communities in all the eight constituencies on St. Kitts in an effort to make the Team Unity movement a political force to reckon with.


PLP’s Deputy Political Leader Senator the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett made the remarks at the Gardens in Basseterre on Monday June 5 during the hosting of Whit Monday fun and sporting day by the Central Basseterre (No Two) Branch of the Peoples Labour Party.


“It was definitely an exciting day here at the Gardens as we promoted a family fun day in Central Basseterre,” said the Hon Byron-Nisbett. “It was PLP sponsored and whatever we can do to ensure that we continue to uplift the communities, far and near, we will continue to do, be it constituencies One through Eight.”


She added: “PLP would always ensure that we assist in whatever way we can, remembering that a strong PLP, a strong PAM, a strong CCM means a strong Team Unity and so we will continue, to ensure that we develop community spirit and strengthen a sense of community in every constituency.”


Senator Byron-Nisbett, who was standing in for the PLP Political Leader Dr the Hon Timothy Harris who was at the time leading a high-level delegation to Taiwan at the invitation of the Asian country, was accompanied at the Gardens by PLP’s National Secretary Ms Myrtilla Williams.


“It was indeed a pleasure being here today and ensuring and seeing young people and families out enjoying themselves and working together to build a strong community spirit,” she commented.


PLP’s Number Two Branch Chairman, Mr Nubian Greaux, said the day was a huge success irrespective of some unsavoury actions by a few misguided persons who wanted to derail activities of the day when early morning they threw a foul smelling liquid at the venue and especially on all the benches and even the bar area.  


“We had a bit of cleaning to do before we could start our activities,” narrated Mr Greaux. “Their action had the reverse effect as the community came out and cleaned up without even being asked. They recognised what was going on and so one person called somebody else and by the time we looked we had at least twenty people here helping with the clean-up.”


Activities started shortly after the clean-up with a long game of cricket where a number of teams took part, with Unruly taking top honours by beating Shotas. Most runs were scored by Swiss, the best wicket taker was Barker. In the finals of basketball, Ballers had a narrow one point win 39-38 when they beat No Name, while in football Unruly Ballers took the top honours by flooring Garden Ballers in the final. The other sporting activity was dominos.


In football they had a mixture of players, non-players, females, males and kids on all the teams. According to Mr Greaux, that was for balance in an all-inclusive football game which included kids, players, non-players, males and females. He reported that it was indeed a very exciting activity to see female players tackling male players for supremacy.


“In the end the results that we wanted, we got,” reported the PLP Number Two Branch Chairman. “The community came out, they participated, they had fun, they enjoyed themselves, incident free because that was the point of it – bringing us together and leading us away from crime and violence and drugs and bad habits. And it came down, everybody enjoyed themselves.”


He added: “All the participants in the end went home with participation trophies, they had food and they had drinks and it was a very successful day. We had competitors from outside of the community, including guys from Sandy Point, some from Old Road, and New Town. We look forward to a much bigger Whit Monday event next year.”



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