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Guardian Staff Reporter


Published: May 12, 2017



Swept into office on the tide of the Free National Movement’s (FNM) landslide victory over the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) on Wednesday, was one of the youngest Bahamians to ever win a seat — 22-year-old Travis Robinson.

The incoming Bains Town and Grants Town MP said his win was a humbling blessing.

Although official results have yet to be released, Robinson won with more than 400 votes.

“I feel blessed, I feel excited about the movement going forward and optimistic about the future prospects of Bains and Grants Town,” Robinson said.

“It’s a feeling of humility.

“I am not unmindful of the many challenges that we have in Bains and Grants Town and I know my love and patience to remedy those challenges, having been one of the youngest.

“I think that this will be a huge hope for the young people of our country, to let them know that anything is possible once they put their mind to it, and you are never too young, even to sit in the highest of positions in our country.”

Robinson’s youth and inexperience has been a matter of great discussion throughout the political season.

Addressing this, he said, “I think the people in Bains and Grants Town have reposed a confidence in me enough to be able to speak on behalf of them.

“…I am very confident to know, in the days ahead when the House of Assembly convenes, when I make my contribution on the floor, people will resist any apprehension they had prior to, once my contribution has been made.”

It has been widely perceived that Wednesday’s poll was an outright rejection of former Prime Minister Perry Christie and his government.

When asked whether he believes he “rode the wave” of the FNM victory based on this rejection, Robinson said, “I was a 21-year-old independent candidate out there working the ground, basically on my own.

“The people of Bains and Grants Town know that I have been working on the ground.

“I have been out there making steady strides toward building and strengthening the community, working with stakeholders in the community, and so, my record speaks for itself.

“The (number) of young people, and even the older generation who have supported me every step of the way, speaks for itself.”

Robinson is a student at the University of The Bahamas, working toward a bachelor’s degree in finance and tourism management, with two semesters remaining.

Robinson said he is tentatively enrolled in the fall semester.

The incoming MP unseated Former National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage, a political veteran with decades-long experience.

Nottage held the Bains and Grants Town seat uninterrupted for 10 years.




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