WATCH Video: Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s concession speech September 7, 2015

Port of Spain, Trinidad (September 7th 2015):- Outgoing Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar says she respects the wishes of the people who chose the PNM over the People’s Partnership in Monday’s General Election.

In her concession speech at her Siparia office just after midnight, she noted that the Partnership won the popular vote but said because the way the system is framed, the PNM would form the Government since it won the majority of seats.

She promised to continue working for the people of Trinidad and Tobago and believed that the Partnership fought a good fight.

“I will not stop serving you. I will continue to work with you and with all of Trinidad and Tobago for a better and a brighter future. I think we fought a good fight. We fought a very brave fight and where I sit today or tonight or this morning, I don’t see what else I could have done. We served well. We had tremendous achievements across the land and delivery of services. Maybe that is why we got the majority of the numbers of the votes and not necessarily the majority of the seats.”

Mrs. Persad-Bissessar stated that the People’s Partnership is still strong and she was proud of her slate of Candidates.

“They all worked very hard. Perhaps it’s not about the Candidate. Perhaps it’s not about the campaign. It may well be that the people of Trinidad and Tobago decided, and it’s not the people, it’s just a few seats. The majority of the votes still supported the Partnership.”

She said it is too early to say if she will seek political leadership at the next UNC internal elections.

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  1. You may have lost this battle but the war continues. Winning an election is one thing moving a country and its people forward is a whole different ball game. Thank you Madam Prime Minister, you have done T&T proud!

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