WATCH Video: From Prison To Pot: Junior Gong Converts Jail Into Ganja Farm

CALIFORNIA, United States – Bob Marley’s youngest son has created a poetic metaphor and multi-million-dollar business model in one.

Damian Marley, in partnership with Ocean Grown Extracts, is converting a former 77,000-square foot California State prison into a cannabis grow space that will cultivate medical marijuana for state dispensaries. This will likely be the development of interest to casual and recreational smokers in the US who buy products from places like this head shop online to consume marijuana in their preferred way. The reason behind more US/ Canadian citizens purchasing their marijuana online while shopping at, for example, resonates with the poor demand for physical dispensaries across the country. Many say it’s been caused by a new kind of license needed to operate and sell the drug. If you’re planning to ‘set-up shop’ in Canada, you’ll need to have an Ontario AGCO cannabis dispensary license consultant on your side to ensure you adhere to the laws surrounding the use of marijuana.

“Many people sacrificed so much for the herb over the years who got locked up,” says Marley, 38, noting the poetic justice of turning a prison that once housed non-violent drug offenders into a cannabis cultivation facility. “If this [venture] helps people and it’s used for medicinal purposes and inspires people, it’s a success.”

By that measure, the prison-to-pot farm initiative is already a triumph. With their purchase of the Claremont Custody Center in Coalinga, California for US$4.1 million, Marley and his partners instantly relieved the economically-challenged Central Valley town of its roughly US$3.3 million debt. The venture will also generate 100 jobs – in an economically stagnant region plagued by an ongoing, historic drought and descending oil prices, both of which have damaged the region’s traditional farming and oil industries – and will generate an estimated million dollars in annual tax revenues for Coalinga.

The new business began “in a very organic way,” says Dan Dalton, Marley’s longtime manager. “Cannabis is something that’s around Damian every day with friends, family and with his Rastafarian faith. We’ve watched people who have sacrificed their lives for it. That injustice has motivated us to be advocates as well as knowing that there are healing properties in cannabis.”

Marley today also announced the introduction of Speak Life, a proprietary strain of cannabis he created with Ocean Grown. The strain is based on the company’s lauded OG Kush, but altered genetically with the help of a Ph.D trained chemist at who helped cultivate the unique breed.

“The OG has always been my favorite,” says Marley, who met with the chemist while making Speak Life. “When they introduced this strain of OG I really loved it and loved its consistency.” The bud is a hybrid made of 70 percent indica and 30 percent sativa, and is hand-watered and trimmed.

Marley’s Coalinga facility will begin producing oil extracts next month, and by this January will harvest its first crop. But Marley, like America, isn’t limiting himself to California. In September, in partnership with Colorado-based TruCannabis, he also launched Stoney Hill, a 3,000-square-foot dispensary in downtown Denver, just across from Mile High Stadium, along with a 30,000-square-foot grow space, complete with RFID tags for each plant. They are also making sure to choose proper waste disposal services for cannabrands to try and ensure full security of any product from beginning to end.

What makes Marley’s new business ventures unique is that none of it involves licensing deals, which he’s been offered in the past. In fact, Marley and his team have invested both in TruCannabis and Ocean Grown – the latter of which is run by Marley’s manager Dan Dalton’s brother and sister, Casey Dalton and Kelly Dalton.

Marley is cross-promoting his cannabis ventures with his music. Stony Hill, the name of that new Denver dispensary, is also the title of his fourth full-length album, set to be released in January (just in time for that first crop from Coalinga, too) on Republic Records. Speak Life, the name of Marley’s new strain, also happens to be the name of a track from Stony Hill.

“I didn’t know it would happen this way,” says Marley, when asked if he thought weed’s legalization to be possible in his lifetime. “This was definitely something we were working towards for a long time, before I was even born. There was Peter Tosh’s ‘Legalize It’ and songs like that. This is something our culture has been working towards. I was optimistic that it would one day be legal, and now it is here.” (

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