A devastating fire engulfed several lawyer offices on Duke Street in downtown Kingston, reportedly housing documents crucial to Vybz Kartel’s murder case. The building, shared by at least seven attorneys including one representing alleged gang leader Tesha Miller, succumbed to the flames, destroying all stored documents.

Senior Superintendent Patrick Gooden of the Jamaica Fire Brigade confirmed the destruction, revealing that the building’s concrete and steel structure offered no protection against the blaze. Kartel’s attorneys swiftly filed a habeas corpus application seeking his release due to undisclosed defense issues.

Formerly occupied by Kartel’s attorney, Isat Buchanan, one of the offices bore significant importance to the case. Investigators, including Superintendent Gooden, have been scrutinizing the site to ascertain the fire’s cause, focusing on the building’s wooden flooring.

Amidst speculation, popular Vybz Kartel fan page, Shemar McKennon, accused authorities of arson, alleging an attempt to destroy files. McKennon emphasized the redundancy of physical document storage in the digital age, urging reliance on cloud-based solutions.

As investigations continue, the loss of critical evidence raises questions about the case’s future trajectory and underscores the need for robust digital backups in legal proceedings.

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