MP Konris Maynard Booted from the National Assembly for Disloyal and disrespectful conduct……………..AGAIN !!!!!!.

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MP Konris Maynard was today suspended from the National Assembly after carrying out what seems to be an opposition strategy to bring the honourable house into disrepute. This is the second consecutive sitting that an Opposition member has been named and suspended. Leader of the Opposition Dr Denzil Douglas was similarly suspended in the last sitting of the assembly.
The continuing bad and obnoxious behavior of the Opposition remnants in Parliament has led many to conclude that the Denzil Douglas led Opposition party continues to be ill-prepared for any office, least of all high office. The Opposition Parliamentarians Senator Carty and Dr Denzil Douglas came to Parliament late. On their arrival they proceeded with their signature insulting cross talk in their seemingly concerted effort to disrupt the assembly. Speaker Perkins has obviously become grossly and highly annoyed and “fed-up” of the Opposition’s behaviour as he has been now forced to suspend Opposition MPs on consecutive sittings of the parliament. The behavior by MP Maynard has already been widely condemned and is being described as deliberate .
This is MP Maynard’s second suspension from the Parliament. In May 2017 Speakers Perkins took similar actions in an effort to bring MP Maynard and the Assembly into order.
The members opposite were caught unprepared for the Parliament and hence none rose to speak on the Bill being debated. 
Minister Hon. Ian “Patches” Liburd rose to wrap the public debate. The Opposition members then engaged in their own brinkmanship and disrespectful conduct . Efforts of the Speaker to guide them to a higher standard and display of conduct and behavior saw Konris Maynard in an outrageous display of arrogance and misconduct. 
Maynard left his seat and noisily walked the aisle of parliament towards the officer protecting the mase. When reprimanded by the Speaker he was combative, loud and disrespectful.
Having been urged to leave the member for constituency number 3, continued his outrage , he exited and returned to the parliament to chastise the Speaker in breach of the rule Of the parliament. The house voted overwhelmingly for his suspension of MP Konris Maynard for gross misconduct.
The Opposition’s continued mis conduct and behaviour is expected to be investigated and sanctioned where necessary as the actions are blatantly planned and pursued to create rancor and disruption in the parliament .

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