US Based Kittitian Developer creates Social Crime Fighting App. Hopes to introduce it in St.Kitts-Nevis to assist Crime Fighting efforts

Kittitian Developer creates Social Crime Fighting App

Simmons behind the scenes of her interview with MyFoxHouston 26 in Texas.

Simmons behind the scenes of her interview with MyFoxHouston 26 in Texas.

Have you ever seen a crime happen in front of you, but were too afraid to call police?

There’s now an app for that exact scenario called ‘IGot’em’ and it’s making waves across the United States.

It’s a phone app with a catchy name that’s also helping US  law enforcement do some catching of its own.

The APP was created by Texas Based St.Kitts developer Sharon Simmons.

“It’s very simple,” Sharon L. Simmons says as she Fox News 26 in Houston, Texas,  the ropes. She told the US news outlet her story of how and why she created the crime fighting app.

“If I’m in an emergency situation I’m not going to go ‘well, I’m here or I’m there’. I’m not doing that. I need something that is fast and easy.”

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Her idea is to empower people to fight against crime within their communities. Any quick info uploaded will then be sent to Crimestoppers.

It’s a creation that came from a tragic personal circumstance.

Sharon’s teenage nephew,   Kevin Hazel, was one of the 34 young people killed on St.Kitts-Nevis  in 2011. It was after the horrific event unfolded she realized there needed to be other ways to report crime that could keep the person anonymous.

Murder Victim Kevin Hazel

Murder Victim Kevin Hazel

And with ‘IGot’em’ Sharon says her nephew’s legacy lives on.

“I’d like to see this app on the front page of everyone’s device. In my heart it was designed in memory of him and all the fallen youth of St.Kitts-Nevis.”

Simmons enjoying her island life in St.Kitts

Simmons enjoying her island life in St.Kitts

Simmons hopes to introduce the app to St.Kitts-Nevis with a view to assisting the local law enforcement in their fight against crime. Crime has been a long standing problem in the federation with over 100 murders in the last 4 years alone. The newly elected Team UNITY government has given a commitment to curbing the crime problems in the federation. They have begun to lay out a number of policies and plans that they hope will tackle the long developing crime issue.

See News Story from MyFoxHouston 26

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