Two Dead Following Horrific Car Crash in Antigua


(Antigua Chronicle) Two men perished in fire, when the vehicle they were travelling in burst into flames on Old Parham Road, following a traffic collision on Sunday.

The allegations are that Motor Car A46833, driven by 45yrs-old Carl Constant of Pares Village, and 46yrs-old Cordell Graham of Cassada Gardens was travelling from West to East along Old Parham Road, when the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle.

The vehicle collided into a wire fence on the Southern side of the road, causing it to flip and landed on its roof.

It was further reported that the vehicle came into contact with a live electrical wire, which caused it to ignite and burst into flames.

Both men were unable to escape and perished in the blaze. Fire fighters from St. Johns Fire Station arrived on the scene and extinguished the blaze.

The “Jaws of Life” had to be used to remove both bodies from the wreck. Both men were pronounced dead on the spot by Dr. Christian.


The fire also caused damage to a 22×48 wooden structure on Old Parham Road. No other injuries were reported coming out of the incident. Further investigations are ongoing into the matter.

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