T&T: Serial rapist/killer gets 27 years

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RAPIST Jules John Arjoon is escorted to the San Fernando High Court in April on the charges of rape, kidnapping and robbery against three women


Arjoon of Point Fortin who had pretended to be a PH driver when he committed offences against three women, has been in custody since July 2005.

He pleaded guilty to the crimes before Justice Hayden St Clair Douglas at the San Fernando Second Criminal Court.

It was on April 28 2005 that Arjoon who is now 36 years old, picked up Mary Baldeo-Waheed. She asked to be dropped at Library Corner, San Fernando and sat in the back seat.

Along the way, to prevent her from panicking as he diverted from the route, Arjoon told her he was going to pick up his daughter.

As he drove along, the woman spoke to Arjoon who did not respond. While along the M2 Ring Road, Baldeo-Waheed opened the door and jumped out the back seat of the moving Ford Laser. It was at 5.40 p.m.

People assisted Baldeo-Waheed while the car drove off. She was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where she later died from massive blunt force head trauma.

Arjoon was charged with manslaughter.

St Clair Douglas started with a sentence of 21 years for this offence. Arjoon’s guilty plea and the 12 years and 11 months he spent in custody were deducted. He will serve a remainder of one year and one month in prison for this offence.

At the time Arjoon picked up Baldeo-Waheed, he had another woman in the trunk. She entered the car at Harris Promenade, San Fernando. Arjoon took her to a gravel road where he robbed her of a bank card, $35 cash and her cellular phone. Arjoon threatened to blow off her brains if she gave him the wrong number for her bank card. He also showed her a female wallet which contained pictures of children and told her that he had killed the owner of that purse.

Arjooon went to the gravel road where he ordered the woman out the trunk. He blamed her for causing another woman’s death as she had given him the wrong number for her card. He told her she had a choice of either engaging in fellatio or being raped. She told him that she just did not want to die.

He raped her twice and left.

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