The systematic dismantling of a healthcare system that survived the worst health crisis in 100 years.

The healthcare system had competent people who led the country through the worst health crisis the country and the world faced in over 100 years under the astute leadership of Timothy Harris. and the team unity administration. 

The key players were systematically replaced or sidelined by new Drew administration leading to the continued downward spiral in the quality of health care and discord with the nursing and medical fraternity. 

Some members of the Healthcare Management Team During COVID-19

Nurses are threatening to strike, doctors are planning on resigning out of share frustration with the new leadership in which they have no confidence. Many of the voices of complaints are from those who voted for change but did not expect this deterioration under poor and inexperienced leadership. They did not expect square pegs to be placed in round holes. They are now again calling for change. 

The best recommendation from expert observers is for the current management to step aside, go on a three month vacation and let the health care workers who know what to do, do their work and the country will see a revival in healthcare delivery. 

What is needed is a new Minister of health and new management at the JNF hospital because current bunch have proven that the do not know how to lead.

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