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Charlestown, Nevis (March 117th 2016):- The voice of our youth, a group of young people lobbying on behalf of and representing the interests of the young people on the island of Nevis. The Nevis Youth Council is rebranding as the Nevis Island Youth Council (NIYC) and is relaunching with renewed vigor and creating a more expansive framework within which to operate. The operation of the NIYC is on its way to full incorporation in our communities in the very near future.

A 10 member team comprising of the following members:

Camara C. Lee (chairperson);
Vijay Harrinarain ( liaison- dept. Of youth and sports);
Tameka Vyphius- (executive member of former Nevis Youth Council);
Latoya Jones;
Michelle Slack;

Camara Lee

Camara Lee

Verna Grant;
Alan Powell;
Neila Jones;
Joy Napier; and
Raynaldon Bartlette,

and who together are known as the steering committee was put in place in October, 2015 by the Department of Youth and Sports, to assess and revive the Nevis Youth council and its operations.

Upon commencement, the Committee realized that the existing constitution of the Nevis Youth Council presented limitations to the membership of the Council and restricted the involvement of persons who are not members of existing youth groups. Further, the constitution was drafted in 1987 and was in many respects out of sync with the 2016 status quo. In light of that, the Steering Committee took a decision to draft a new constitution which would be forward looking, maintaining the objectives and ideals which are consistent with our all encompassing mandate of youth representation, widening the scope of the Council and rebranding to attract the quintessential Nevisian Youth.

The NIYC intends to, among other things –
1. advocate on behalf of our Island’s youth;
2. provide opportunities for physical, social, intellectual, and economic development;
3. liaise with the government and other interest groups to secure all such advantages and benefits available to our youths; and
4. contribute to our nation’s growth and sustainable development.

In the next few months, the NIYC intends to be front and center partnering with the Department of youth and sports in the youth month activities in April, while at the same time commencing its recruitment campaign.

The steering committee encourages all persons living on the island of Nevis and between the ages of 16 and 35 (inclusive) to GET ON BOARD with NIYC- where your interests and ours coincide. We may be contacted via Facebook at Nevis Island Youth Council/ email at by contacting any member of the Steering Committee for further details on becoming a member. Registration forms are now available at the Department of Youth and Sports.

The steering Committee says thank you to the Department of Youth and Sports, the Caribbean Regional Youth Council and other local and regional entities for their support and welcomes all to GET ON BOARD with NIYC.

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