Team UNITY’s Vernon Connor spearheads massive clean up of Parsons Ghaut


Team UNITY Candidate and current Advisor in the Ministry of Youth Mr Vernon Connor spearheaded a massive clean up campaign in his Constituency#6 on Sunday morning. According to a release Connor led a huge team of residents  from the area in what was described as a  herculean, but humane, task of cleaning the ghaut in Parsons.
The release stated that Parsons village is a very small but friendly community that, over the past two decades, has suffered bitter neglect from the previous Labour administration and was left abandoned in the darkened shadows of the country side. For several years, the Parsons ghaut remained uncared for and sullied by the indiscriminate dumping of large amounts of garbage and household refuse into the area. This practice was allowed to go unchecked and unregulated by the former health officials to the point where the situation had deteriorated to becoming hazardous to human health and unsightly to the human eyes. The danger was further compounded by the fact that this ghaut opens onto a beautiful beach and drains its contaminating refuse directly into the sea.
Recognizing the problem, Mr. Vernon Connor the Team UNITY PAM candidate for constituency #6 and his Constituency Six Team Unity Executive took it upon themselves to mobilize the citizens of Parsons and the surrounding villages to arise before the break of dawn to tackle this detestable scourge. Armed with rakes, shovels and gloves (some with just naked hands symbolizing their unfathomable commitment to just getting the task done at almost any risk and cost), the Team Unity members and village supporters commenced a job which took four long hours to complete. From the very outset, they were confronted with several mountainous piles of garbage spotted in various locations along the ghaut. There was garbage of all types and sorts – old rusty galvanize sheets, complete and partial refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, rotted mattresses and bed springs, broken tiles, empty plastic and glass bottles and even a dead dog laying openly on the floor of the ghaut which had to be buried for sanitation sake.
When asked for the rational for the cleanup at this specific point in time, Mr. Connor indicated that, apart from the fact that the health of those living in the area had become severely threatened and the surrounding marine life was being jeopardized, the summer holidays are fast approaching and many families will be bringing their young children to the beach for a favorite pastime. He says, in good conscience, he could not allow these families to be exposed to such danger anymore.
He expressed his delight to see that so many persons from the constituency came to assist and indicated that this activity was one of many activities that will be done throughout the entire constituency to rehabilitate the environs and create a fresh new look to our communities.
Heartfelt thanks are expressed to all those who came out to give their support. Thanks are given also to the Solid Waste Management Corporation for their partial sponsorship of the 12 cubic-yard garbage bin. Moreover, appreciations are expressed to all the individuals who contributed to and helped to prepare the scrumptious refreshments for the workers for after the work was done.

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