Team UNITY Administration Re-Affirms Commitment to Highest Level of Ethical Conduct …. Not one scintilla of evidence provided to indicate Ethical Breach by ANY Cabinet Member




BBasseterre, St.Kitts (Tuesday Janaury 17th 2017):- The Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris led Team UNITY Administration has noted recent public expressions regarding the formation of a company by Minister of Public Infrastructure, Post, Urban Development and Transport Hon. Ian Patches Liburd and in that regard has re-affirmed the commitment of the administration to uphold the highest level of ethical conduct. In a briefing on the matter issued  it was note that the Team UNITY Adminitration Cabinet had received legal advice on the matter involving Minister Liburd and recorded its disappointment that certain elements within the society were attempting to make an issue where there was none. The Cabinet reaffirmed its commitment to the highest level of ethical conduct and behaviour by members of the Cabinet and noted that not one scintilla of evidence has been provided to indicate that any member of the Cabinet had breached any ethical standard. The Cabinet was assured that the company is not licensed to conduct business, neither has the company engaged in any business, and in particular business, which benefits from any contracts with the government. It was noted that Minister Liburd had done nothing illegal. Further and most importantly, Minister Liburd had no intention to activate the business in question.

The Team UNITY Government  cautioned that it was unhelpful for persons to engage in speculation and innuendo on a serious matter of good governance, and took note of the fact of its commitment to the electorate to avoid the clear conflict of interest situation that bedeviled the former Dr. Douglas-led Administration. In that regard, Cabinet considered the matter of the lease/rental of the Five Ways property by the former Prime Minister Dr. Douglas to the Taiwanese Embassy without open bidding or tender. Cabinet recalled too, its objection to the lease/rental of the house of Senator Nigel Carty to the former Commissioner of Police, C.G. Walwyn, and the introduction of a significant allowance to C.G. Walwyn to allow him to meet the rental cost to which Senator Carty was the ultimate beneficiary. Cabinet determined that these matters will be subjects of ventilation. The briefing concluded with an assurance to pursue and investigate all issues of ethics, good governance and accountability.

The Administration will next week launch a series townhall meetings called the Good Governance and Accountability for Prosperity Forum Series which will look at issued of good governance and accountability in addition to highlighting the activities that has been and will be undertaken by the Team UNITY Administration in fulfillment of their Prosperity For All Agenda.



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