Tarrus Riley thrills at St.Kitts Music Festival

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Tarrus Riley stole the show when he performed at the 20th annual St Kitts Music Festival on Saturday night.

On a night when American rapper 50 Cent shocked the audience with his abrasive, profanity-filled lyrics that would result in his arrest, Riley was the salve that soothed the bruises.

During the show, held at the Warner Park cricket ground, Riley wooed and charmed a captive audience, engaging them in conversation even as he uncorked a 20-plus-song set that included staples like Contagious, Back Biter, Beat Yuh, Far Away, Never Leave I, Powerful, My Herbs, Groovy Little Thing, Stay With You, She’s Royal,Good Girl and One Drop.

He created quite a buzz when he called R City, a duo from the US Virgin Islands, back on stage to perform Crazy Love, a track that they recorded together. It would be understated to say it went down well with the audience.

Riley told local radio station WINN FM afterwards that he enjoys performing with other artistes.

“We no really compete like that. We just make music,” he explained.

“So it’s competitive one way, but we don’t compete against each other. We just give you music … we’re competing with what we want to do inside ourselves, so if we do 10 push-ups last year, we want do 12 this year and 15. So that’s the competition, but against each other, no way! No competition”.

The bespectacled and bearded singer also engaged compatriot and saxophonist Dean Fraser, which delighted his captive audience.

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