Taliban has control of Afghanistan once again

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Taliban fighters take control of Afghan presidential palace after the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, Aug. 15, 2021. Person second from left is a former bodyguard for Ghani. (AP Photo/Zabi Karimi)

by Steven Kaszab

The Taliban has control of Afghanistan once again. The power elites through out the globe will act as though this is a surprise to them, unconceivable, unplanned, and unwanted. The Taliban will consolidate its power in one of three ways.

1. Announce a joint partnership with the liberal/moderate administration. This partnership can last a few years or  a short time, allowing the Taliban to cleanse the government and nation of its enemies, and then consolidate its power. This time will be used to further their alliance with their neighbor Pakistan, whose leadership and military have advanced The Taliban’s momentum and vision.
2. In an all-out effort carry out their stereotypical Religious-Socio genocide. Yes, thousands will be killed, imprisoned, tortured, and driven from their homeland to be dealt with later.
3. Develop direct partnerships with China. China has thirsted for Afghanistan’s mineral and petroleum deposits for a long time. Afghanistan will need revenue, while China has it in abundance. The Chinese are used to working with contrarian ideologies and extremist organizations like the Taliban. where do you think The Taliban has gotten its weapons from? China through the Pakistan intermediary. This option will possibly lead to Chinese troops located in Afghanistan. If this happens The Chinese will do what most other superpowers have done, try to colonize an uncontrollable nation.
Who is The Taliban? A loose Union of Local militia’s united by two things, creed and religion. Mush of The Taliban has raised revenue through criminal enterprises such as the growth of and exportation of Opium and other plant-based drugs. Where there are private militia’s, you will always find crime. The Taliban is made up of many personal fiefdoms who are paid through illicit means. Death is their way, while Power is their game goal.
America made the mistake of getting involved in anti-terrorist actions direct in Afghanistan without considering the history of this nation and its people. Furthermore, America misunderstood the Afghanistan People, their hopes and their strengths. Afghanistan has been colonized by many nations ranging from ancient Indian empires, The Mongol’s, France, Britain, and most recently Soviet Russia and America. Not one power understood what a historian would, that Afghanistan exists for the Afghans and no other. These people live in the most perfect place to wage long-term Guerrilla Warfare. Like Vietnam with its vast jungles, Afghanistan has flat plains always surrounded by severe mountains and a most inhospitable climate. 
The American Military told their political bosses they could wage a successful war against The Taliban. These Elected Officials believed them and there you have it, another war the American war Machine can profit from. Many lives later America leave’s this land, a land they should never have gone to. This time American President Biden may have done the math and accepted that a war in Afghanistan cannot be won.
So now Afghanistan will remain the place of terror and death to its people for a time. Those who helped the foreign armies will suffer. Perhaps The Taliban leadership will plan for the future. Hopefully not a future of war and terror, but a future that is centered upon the benefit of its people. Afghanistan will never be a democracy. Perhaps President Biden had realized this fact. Afghans know this, and move along with their lives centered upon their faith, family and survival.
What can America, Canada and UK do to improve this situation? Well we have what Afghanistan needs, namely financial wealth, technology and with a open hand reaching out to these former enemies the possibility of friendship. Look what financial embargoes have done throughout the world. Make the average citizen within the embargoed nation suffer while their leadership enjoys booze, women and song. A true gesture of friendship will go a long way towards healing the hatred, ignorance and pain we and Afghanistan have suffered over the years. A Different way of foreign policy needs to be developed and deployed through out the world. Instead of the stick, a firm friendly hand. The foreign policy of Theodore Roosevelt used for the last hundred years by America, that of carrying a stick and being prepared to use it, has its place, but one can get more accomplished using honey instead of the stick.
Stop seeing our present day enemies as monsters, but as potential clients and maybe friends. Afghanistan can become a money pit sucking in good elements that build a freer prosperous society, instead of sucking in revenue, death machines and precious lives.

Steven Kaszab438 Simcoe road

Bradford, Ontario L3Z3A1skaszab@yahoo.ca

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