Trafficker Killed in Successful Drug Bust on St.Kitts


Basseterre, St.Kitts (October 1st 2015):- One man is dead and three others are currently in custody assisting the police with investigations as the Royal St.Christopher-Nevis Police Force High Command reported to the media this afternoon in a Press Breifing held in Basseterre.

According to the High Command the police acted on a tip-off which resulted in the implementation of a sting operation which resulted in the netting of large amounts of illegal drugs mainly bales of marijuana . The operation concluded with a confrontation between the police and suspects who were attempting to smuggle the drugs into the country via boat at a secluded part of the Conaree Bay on the Eastern Side of the Island.

SKN Police High Command at Press Briefing

SKN Police High Command at Press Briefing

The Police High Command revealed at the press briefing that one suspect who was simply identified as a non-national was fatally wounded in an exchange of gunfire that ensued between the police and the suspects. The incident included two non-nationals on the boat on which the illegal drugs were found in addition to two others persons, nationals of St.Kitts-Nevis,  who were found in the area . The firefight took place between officers and the occupants of the boat.

Acting Commissioner of Police Stafford Liburd disclosed that two men approached the Conaree beach about 5 a.m., watched by police as a result of intelligence gathered. When police identified themselves, one man in the boat opened fire on the officers, who returned fire killing the gunman. A police dive team later retrieved a partially loaded pistol from the sea, as well as some of the narcotics thrown from the boat.

Acting Minister of National Security Hon Ian PATCHES Liburd along with Ag Prime Minister Hon Vance Amory have been officially briefed according to the High Command. They also indicated that Prime Minister Harris has also been briefed and is being kept abreast of the matter.

The Bust is being lauded and touted as another successful operation by the St.Kitts-Nevis Police. In recent weeks a number of weapons have been taken off the streets as a result of the police efforts stemming from their 4 month old 6 point Crime Fighting Strategy.

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  1. You kill someone for marijuana? There are places in the world that it is legal! Some Gov’ments are something else.

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