St Vincent registered vessel, MV Fair Chance, sinks in Trinidad waters

By Ernesto CookeBy Ernesto CookeApril 2, 2022

Several crew members are now missing after the MV Fair Chance went down in waters between Trinidad and Grenada sometime after 3 pm on Saturday 2 April.

According to information obtained by the St Vincent Times, the vessel’s crew includes persons from Union Island, Carriacou and Grenada.

The latest information states that two are accounted for of the seven crew members, a Vincentian and a Grenadian. The others are feared trapped in the vessel.

On Saturday night MP for the Southern Grenadines Terrance Ollivierre told St Vincent Times the following.

“The bottom of the boat is on top of the water, while the top is beneath the water. Two survived; I was told they were sitting on top of the boat. I was advised they were rescued by a powerboat from Trinidad that was making its way down from the Tobago Keys to Trinidad. The Coast Guard would have been notified following the rescue of the two crew members”.

The captain of the boat is Dexter Chance. The MV Fair Chance is a St Vincent and the Grenadines registered vessel.

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