St.Peters Wins SKNABA “A” Division Title

The St.Peter’s Runnerz Basketball Club are the 2015 SKNABA “A” Division Champions. The club won the coveted title after a hard fought 97-94 overtime victory over 8 time Premier Division Champions the Horsford’s Ghetto Roots.

It was easily the most exciting game for the entire SKNABA  season  when the Horsford’s Ghetto Roots and the St.Peterz Runnerz clashed on Saturday evening for the final and deciding Game 5 of the 2015 SKNABA “A” Division Finals.

Ghetto Roots were under-manned as key players including Levi Fyfield and Marcus Natta  were both unavailable for the match-up . Fyfeild suffered a knee injury in the Game 4 and Natta was unavailable. Despite their absence the St.Peterz Runners played with every ounce of heart and energy to come away with the victory. The game was pretty evenly matched throughout although Ghetto Roots led for most of the game. It took a 3rd quarter run and the ejection of Ghetto Roots two most important players Berlie Francis the 2014 finals MVP and National Center Troy Wattley in the 4th quarter to give Runnerz the chance to take a 8 point lead with less than 5 minutes in the game. Despite being down to just 5 men the Ghetto Roots did not quit. The veteran Kiethley Hicks brought the Ghetto Roots back into the game with a flurry of 3 point shots as well as a key move in the post which enable the Ghetto Roots to get back into the game with a chance to win.  With less than 2 seconds remaining a Ghetto Roots player was fouled on the shot. All he needed now to do was make 1 free throw and seal the deal for Hitters. He missed both and the game was forced into overtime.

Ghetto Roots lost another player in the overtime when Ivan Jeffers was fouled. This meant that Hitters would have to fiish the game with just 4 players. The Ghetto Roots 4 held their own and again with just seconds remaining were in a position to win the game at the free throw line. The  same player who had the opportunity to win the game in regular time was again thrust into a similar position again to win the game for Ghetto Roots. Again he missed both Free throws  and cost Ghetto Roots the game and giving the St.Peterz Runners the championship .

Josio Morton was awarded the “A” Division Finals MVP


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