St.Lucia Woman Stabbed to Death after ‘Happy birthday’ text. 17th Homicide for 2017

UPDATE: Woman killed after ‘Happy birthday’ text



St.Lucia Times 

Ciceron, St.Lucia (March 5th 2017) :-Thirty-one year old Sophia Edwards was murdered on her birthday today, shortly  after receiving a text wishing her a happy birthday, a residents of Ciceron has disclosed.

Edwards is alleged to have been stabbed  by her common law husband some time after noon today.

Sixtus George, who was around when the incident occurred, told the Times that the deceased was choked and stabbed.


George said Edwards and the father of her children had an argument this morning over a text message she had received wishing her a happy birthday.

He said the message also read :’I miss you.’

“I feel he read the message and he end up telling the girl : ‘Your other man that send that for you. Your other man that texting you there.’” George stated.

He disclosed that Edwards started crying.

According to him, the woman later took a plate of food for the stepfather of her common law husband and went into her room.

George said he saw the alleged assailant come out from a the shop, enter the woman’s room.

“The girl was on the bed and he just jump on the bed and start stabbing up the girl. He cut up the girl throat and thing. When I heard the girl screaming, I just rush in the room and I just pull him off the girl but he had time stab up the girl already,” he said.

Blood-soaked bed

House where stabbing occurred

George said as the wounded woman lay bleeding on the bed, her attacker ran out of the room.  


The victim died later at hospital.

He revealed that Edwards and the man who allegedly attacked her had two young children together and had been in a romantic relationship for the past eight years.

He described the relationship between the couple as a bad one.

“Like the girl was planning to move on him,” George explained.

He said the two had an argument about two weeks ago when the victim started taking her belongings out of the house to leave.

But George observed that the two made up afterwards.



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