The tennis community in St. Kitts is raising urgent alarms, calling for immediate attention from the Minister of Sports, Hon. Samal Duggins. They are pushing for the renovation and enhancement of tennis facilities across the island. Since 2018, when the previous administration led by Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris undertook renovations at the main tennis facility in Warner Park, no further improvements have been made to any tennis facilities on the island, leaving them in a state of neglect.

Photos reveal that almost all public tennis facilities in St. Kitts require at least resurfacing, with many in a state of serious disrepair. The facilities are visibly dilapidated, reflecting a lack of maintenance and care.

Individual members of the tennis Association, alongside players and enthusiasts, have not only publicly called on Minister Duggins but have also met with him on several occasions. Despite these meetings, there has been no significant progress in addressing the issues plaguing the sport on the island. The tennis community is frustrated with the lack of action, as tennis offers substantial opportunities for youth development and scholarships. Young tennis players could potentially secure numerous scholarship opportunities if provided with proper facilities and support.

Historically, St. Kitts has hosted OECS Davis Cup matches in the mid to late 80s and early 90s, highlighting the island’s potential as a significant venue for tennis events. However, Minister Duggins’ inaction has left the tennis community feeling neglected and disappointed. They argue that he is failing tennis much like he is failing other sports on the island, underscoring the need for immediate intervention and support to revive the sport and its infrastructure.

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