15 Things You Must Do on Nevis Island

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This lush island, which partners with St. Kitts to form one country, is a haven of tranquility in the Caribbean Sea. There’s incredible dining, adventure and – of course – the resplendent turquoise waters that are so mesmerizing. Whether you’re looking to discover a small piece of American heritage or simply to unwind in the serenity, here are 15 things to do on Nevis.


The waters around Nevis are crystal-clear, which makes it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Hop on the Caona catamaran at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis, which takes you out for an easygoing afternoon adventure. You’ll leisurely cruise out to Shitten Bay where you’re able to dive and see some cool sea life. You’ll mostly see schools of colorful fish, although I was able to see a small octopus hanging out nearby.

Drinks are served on the boat, and snorkeling gear is provided, so all you need to do is show up. Both are included in the price.

Dive and Dine

Those looking for a more in-depth adventure in the ocean should go for the Dive and Dine at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis. It’s a unique experience for certified divers and foodies.

You’ll start your morning early with executive chef Samuel Faggetti, who leads guests on a one-of-a-kind diving experience. You’ll search the waters of the Caribbean Sea for a spiny lobster – just like the locals do – while using a handmade lasso to secure your dinner. After you’ve made a catch, chef takes you back on land to teach you how to prepare the lobster using a Caribbean-style recipe. They’ll set up a grill on the beach where you’ll cook and eat lunch, so it can be quite the romantic adventure.

The one-of-a-kind experience costs $1950 for two people. All participants must be certified scuba divers with significant experience to join, and 72-hours’ notice is required if you want to sign up.

Coconut Grove

There’s no question that rum is the drink of choice on Nevis Island but those looking for a glass of wine will be drawn to the Coconut Grove. They have the biggest wine cellar on the island. That’s not a surprise given that owner Gary Colt is a master sommelier.

Not much needs to be said about the food as they accurately receive high praise on TripAdvisor and pretty much anywhere else they’ve been reviewed. What you may not know is that the chef, Stephen Smith, is not only a Culinary Institute of America graduate, he’s also a registered dietitian. That means he likes to cook gourmet but also has a health-conscious mindset. The Coconut Grove is able to cater to anyone with any type of dietary concerns. And if you’re not counting calories for the evening, you’ll be treated to a wonderful dining experience.

Funky Monkey ATV Tour

Strap in for the Funky Monkey Tour to get you moving. After all, you can’t sit on the beach all day… can you? Don’t worry, it’s not fast and furious; it’s a relaxed ride around Nevis Island. The general perception with ATV tours is that they’re a little rough-and-tumble, and you might expect you’ll be hanging on for dear life. Think of this more as a leisurely tour around the island as you work your way to the remote parts, stopping at several scenic points. You could also tour around on an ATV (for instance, trx250r) if you want to get the feel of trail riding. Bring a camera and a GoPro to capture the memories.

Four Seasons Golf

It might be tough to keep your eye on the ball at the Four Seasons golf course. Look one way and you’ll be distracted by the magnificent Nevis Peak. Look the other way and you’ll have elevated views of the water. But you’d better keep your eye on the ball, as there are monkeys that like to hang out at some of the holes. They’re friendly, though, and have more interest in nearby fruits than they do in your golf score. Bring a banana for some extra entertainment.


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