St.Kitts Small Business Creating Stir at Speciality Fine Food Fair in London

Story by Dan Ehrlich

September 6, 2022

SKN Citizen Anastasha Elliott isn’t trying to set the world on fire, just this year’s massive Speciality Fine Food Fair in London. She, as with many of her Caribbean compatriots, is betting that her tasty, yet spicy sauces will captivate an international clientele.

Elliott, a former St.Kitts-Nevis Observer reporter, now runs Flauriel located in Basseterre. She employs three others in making and selling a variety of culinary sauces and ketchup.

Since Flauriel began in 2015 the firm, which sells mainly to SKN residents, has been seeking to expand abroad. “We’ve been doing business in Dubai, the US and China, but our main sales remain in the Federation, Elliott says. And that’s why she’s spending the money for a stand at the UK’s  Speciality Fine Foods Fair, an event geared to the international gourmet food trade.

Caribbean food and drink items are in growing demand from health conscious consumers in the UK and Europe who are looking for products that are as pure and natural as possible and still taste great.

The 10 Caribbean companies participating at the Fair are Naledo (Belize), Superb Blend (Barbados), Old Duppy (Barbados), Flauriel (St Kitts and Nevis), Pringa’s (St Vincent and the Grenadines), Shavuot (Jamaica), St Lucia Distillers (St Lucia), Kalembu (The Dominican Republic), the Antillia Brewing Company (St Lucia), and CariBelle Foods (Trinidad and Tobago).

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