St.Kitts Police Investigating Another Shooting

Basseterre, St. Kitts, (November 07, 2016) : The Violent Crimes Unit (VCU) on St.Kitts is investigating a shooting incident in Cayon that has resulted in the murder of one person.


The shooting occurred at around 10.25am on Monday (November 07).  


Initial investigations revealed the victim, a 22 year old male resident of Cayon  was shot by an unknown assailant.  


Investigators from the Violent Crimes Unit and the Criminal Investigations Department and technicians from the Forensics Services Unit have canvassed the scene for evidence. 


The investigation continues.

The federation has been plagued with violent crimes over the past decade which has seen hundreds of young men murdered in what seems to be mostly as a result of ongoing gang warfare and retaliatory gang related killings.

The violent crime and murders reached a zenith in 2011 when the c ountry recorded some 36 murders. The most to date in any one year. Successive government’s have been unable to combat the problem.

The recent presence of the RSS on St.Kitts saw what has been described as the quietest period in years as far as violent and gun related crimes. The JNF Hospital reported No Gun Shot Trauma or Gun Shot deaths during the period that the Regional Security unit was present on island. The success of their presence has precipitated a call by Citizens for the government to act quickly and facilitate their return .

PM Dr. Timothy Harris has stated that the regional security unit will be back on island before years end.  

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