WATCH Video: Nearly Half Million Unaccounted For At St.Kitts-Nevis CFB State College


“I tell people that when I go to sleep, I go to sleep with a free and fair conscience, because I ain’t victimize nobody, but I will act in the best interest of you the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.”

Hon. Shawn K. Richards 


Basseterre, St.Kitts (July 28th 2016):-Nearly half a million dollars of revenue is unaccounted for at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. This is according to recent audit reports of the institution. The stunning revelation was made by Minister of Education Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Shawn K. Richards at the most recent DISCUSSIONS FOR PROSPERITY townhall meeting held on Monday at the Newtown Community Center.

The Minister of Education made the stunning revelation in response to accusations made by  terminated former President Dr. Kelvin Daley stating that his termination was nothing more than victimization and  based solely on politics . Deputy PM Ricchards made it passionately and pellucidly clear that Dr Daley’s termination had absolutely nothing to do with victimization but more or all to do with the massive sums of monies that are unaccounted for at the institution.

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Shawn K Richards

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Shawn K Richards

Deputy PM Richards declared “When Dr. Daley is saying he is being victimized he must give the whole story. He must state that in 2014 the first full year as CFB President that the school collected over $800,000 in revenue and only $400,000 ended up in the bank account of the school. That was under his watch as President of CFBC, and the audit report speaks to it right here: $819, 276.11 collected at CFB in the year 2014.  Actual banked deposits, $395, 840.54, amount accounted for $423, 445.47, and so if the Board took a decision not to renew his contract, why you what to blame me or why you want to blame the Board?”

Hon. Richards also declared that the institution had accrued huge debts to various local and regional companies and organizations including Social Security, SKELEC and the Regional Examinations Board CXC.

“Ask him about the hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to Social Security, taken out of teacher’s money, and money ain’t reach to Social Security up until now, because of the fact that there are serious financial issues up at CFBC,” the Minister lamented.

“All of that happen under his watch as President of CFBC. Ask him about the monies owed to CXC by CFBC.  Ask him about the hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to the Electricity Department by CFBC.”

Minister Richards vehemently defended the CFB Board’s decision to terminate Dr. Daley’s contract a month before it expired.

Richards said that Daley  was sent on leave and there was little point keeping him on for just a few weeks which would’ve been remaining on his contract. A contract that the Board did not intend to renew.

Dr. Kelvin Daley

Dr. Kelvin Daley

“And you could understand why.  If I have to tell you to come back for a month, I’m not renewing the contract.  You may want to do things to sabotage the institution.  I’m not saying he would have done that, but these are factors that you have to take into consideration. But when Dr. Daley is saying he has been victimized, Dr. Daley must give persons the full facts; let them determine why the Board decided they don’t want to renew his contract,” Richards said.

The Minister dismissed the allegation that he had victimized anyone.


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